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If you hover over a rabbit (who is not obese and gets out of its cage a lot) then you'll find that a rabbit is more pear shaped. If you look at the belly and it comes out more rounder, then there is a possibility your rabbit could be pregnant. I'm sure there are other ways to tell but my bunny has never been pregnant. You may also find that your rabbit is more protective of her stomach, when you put your hand down to touch her. If you want to know ahead of time or find out more so you're prepared, I would suggest maybe going to the vet.

If you can, very carefully feel the rabbit's stomach area. If you feel lumps they might be babies. Also, the doe will become a bit more feisty and aggressive but that is normal. A doe will be pregnant for 31 days tops. and towards the end of the pregnancy, the doe will pull loose fur from her stomach to create a nest. Try to keep the male away from the female if she is pregnant.

she will start drinking and eating alot more she will also start making a nest and start ripping her fur out to make her nest warm and soft for the baby bunny's she also might start getting a little bit grumpy. animals are just like humans the mummy bunny will kinda act like a human mummy hope i helped you oh and if your bunny is doing all of this the best thing to do is to feed her and give her time to herself. and if the male is still in the cage with her get him out of there. it will be a blood bath

There is no guaranteed way of telling. Palpating (feeling for young) is not 100% reliable. Does may kindle (give birth) anywhere from 28-34 days after breeding. The average is 31. You may re-breed her if she does not kindle by the 35th day. In the mean time, give her peace and quiet, and check on her nestbox morning and night. If she starts to build a nest on the floor, pick it up and place it in a hollow at the back of the nest box. That will dicourage her from birthing her kits on the wire. If you see her in the nest box, do not come near her cage. Check again in half an hour. If the doe is in the nest with kits and you try to check, she may squash them by accident. A normal birth only takes about fifteen minutes, but some does will be in labour for more than twelve hours. When she kindles, quietly and calmly check the kits to ensure that there are not dead babies or birthing debris. If she births her litter on the floor, SHE WILL NOT MOVE THEM. Rabbits do not pick up their kits for ANY reason. Pick up any that are alive, warm them up, and place them in the box, She will find them. The same can be done for any kits that are found outside the box within the first few weeks. Warm newborns by dipping their bodies (don't submerse their heads!!!) in warm water and then drying them; Warm older kits with hot water bottles and warm hands- don't get their fur wet. If She will not kill the kits if you touch them, though she may try to bite you. A few greens placed well away from the nest box will distract her long enough for you to check. Don't startle her. Check on them daily to ensure that they are alive, warm, and have full stomachs. It is quite common to lose one or two, so don't be discouraged. If the doe loses her litter, you may rebreed her four days after the litter was born- no matter if she loses them on the first or fourth day. Before you re-breed her, check that she is in condition. If she is underweight, wait to breed her again. NEVER re-breed a doe mid-way through her pregnancy. Many people will tell you that if the doe does not refuse the buck, she was not pregnant, but this is NOT true. Rabbits have two uteres horns, and sometimes they will only get pregnant in one. A re-bred doe may find herself carrying two different litters of completely different ages. The second litter may die after the first one is born, and that decomposition will kill the doe.
When a rabbit is pregnant she will increase the amount of water that she drinks. also, after about two or three weeks, you can flip your rabbit over on her back and hold her like you would a baby. then place your fingers on her stomach closer to her back legs. apply a small amount of pressure and rub. if she is pregnant you will feel small round balls.
We had bunnies before. If you put them all in the same cage, they make many babies very quickly. My mom says that bunnies are always pregnant, and I believe her. But you have to watch out because sometimes, bunnies like to eat baby bunnies. I don't know why, because when they're small, there's hardly any meat on their bones. I would rather eat a full grown bunny than a little tiny baby bunny.

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Q: How can you tell if your pet rabbit is pregnant?
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Where can you get a pregnant pet rabbit?

No reputable breeder or pet store would knowingly sell a pregnant rabbit. Buying a rabbit that is already pregnant is a very bad idea for many reasons, not the least of which should be the consideration for the rabbits welfare.

How do you get your rabbit pregnant without buying another rabbit?

you go to the pet shop, steal a male rabbit, make them reproduce and taa daa you go to the pet shop, steal a male rabbit, make them reproduce and taa daa

How old do dutch long eared rabbits have to be to get pregnant?

I dont know but can any one tell me how to tell if my rabbit is pregnant. Thanks

How do you tell if a lionhead rabbit is pregnant?

you tell if your your lionhead is pregnant if the rabbit starts pulling her hair out. you dont want to the male rabbit in there when female rabbit is giving birth he will eat baby bunnies! your rabbit will start pulling at their hair usually on the 28th day after (doing it) then will usually give birth on the 31st day or diff.

Which is cheaper a pet rabbit or pet donkey or pet turtle?

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Why Is My Female Dwarf Lop-Eared Rabbit Shedding Fur Is She Pregnant Help Me Rabbit-Lover x?

Is she pulling it out or is it just coming out as you pet her? If she is pulling it out she may be pregnant. In that case you need to get a nest box right away. If you pet her and some hair come then she is just molting.

How do you tell if a holland lop rabbit is pregnant?

You can palpate it. If it is pregnant it will have babies about 30 days after it was bred.

How do you socialize your bunnies with kids?

You tell your kid that it wont hurt you. Then you show them by pet the rabbit....

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What pet can you put a rabbit with?

a rabbit

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Yes, dandilions are safe for your pet rabbit!

What do you call a nz rabbit cross a normal pet rabbit?

A half New Zealand White or A crossbred or 'pet' rabbit

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Should the male rabbit stay with the pregnant rabbit while she is pregnant?


How far does your rabbit have to be before you can tell its pregnant?

You should be able to tell by 2 weeks either by palpation or test breeding.

Can a girl rabbit get pregnant it self?

No, a girl rabbit need to have sex with a boy rabbit in order to get pregnant.

How old is my rabbit and whta breed is it?

Its a black and white rabbit and i got ot from a pet store It is impossible for us to tell without seeing a picture. Take your rabbit to a vet for a regular check-up and they may be able to tell you.

Can you put a wild rabbit with a pet rabbit?

No. As fun as it may seem, putting a wild rabbit with a pet rabbit is a poor idea. Either the wild rabbit or the pet rabbit will very likely act aggressively toward the other and attack it, and even possibly kill it. Furthermore wild rabbits have the possibility of bring all sorts of diseases that your pet rabbit might not be able to handle.

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You cannot get a licence to own a Rabbit for a pet...not in Qld

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It could be a way for a woman to express that she is pregnant. During the 20's and 30's tests for preganancy involved animals, and a casual way that a woman might express that she was pregnant was to say something like "The rabbit died". It was not a woman's pregnancy itself that caused a rabbit to die, but the rabbit had to be killed so that its ovaries could be examined. If a woman was pregnant, then injections of fluids from the woman into a rabbit would cause the rabbit to ovulate, indicating pregnancy... or do you mean that your pet rabbit died? In that case, never mind...

How do you tell how old your pet rabbit is?

try seeing how old the teeth look its a great hint if u cant figure it out after that then ttry a pet shoppe or a vet,