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How can you tell if your puppy has a breathing problem?

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Hi, In most animals who have breathing problems you may notice: * Wheezing similar to Asthma * Breathlessness such as gasping or panting for breathe * Panting excessively after exercise or after running up/down the stairs * Laying down and taking deep breathes similar to panting and possibly accompanied with a fast heart beat. * Hacking/nasty cough after exercise. If you notice any of the above, then you must see your Vet. A lot of breathing problems in puppies are harmless and usually due to a build up on catarrh or a chest infection. But as your dog is a puppy, his/her immune system will be a lot weaker than adult dogs and because of this a minor infection or viral infection can become severe and take its toll on your puppy. Normal colour of dogs GUMS are pink or a light pinkish colour. You can see your dogs Gums by lifting up the side of his mouth by his teeth, and looking above the teeth. If this is ever any other colour beside pink, such as blue, purple, yellow or a grey/white then contact your Vetinarian immediately. The above symptoms I mentioned are obvious symptoms and not all dogs show obvious symptoms unless something is seriously wrong or when they require immediate Vetinarian attention. If you have a gut instinct that something is not right with your puppy then please take him to your Vet for a thorough check over.

2006-09-06 20:02:39
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How do you tell if your puppy is dead?

It stops breathing. And moving. And being alive.

How can you tell if a newborn puppy is having breathing problems?

If it looks like its gonna die.

My month old puppy has a stuffy nose. What do I do?

you shold call a vet and see what they tell you to do so they can fix the problem for the puppy

What if a puppy is not breathing after birth?

If your puppy is not breathing after birth then you must clear it's nose and swing it gently. Left, right, left, right...

How can you tell if a puppy died?

The lack of breathing and movement, and gradual cooling of the body to room temperature, are usually pretty self-evident.

How do you make your puppy quit hyper ventilating?

Try to get it to snore less my puppy has that too so i give him a pillow to comfort on and sleep straight. get your puppy to concentrate on breathing, put your hands on his belly & chest and he begins breathing repeat this 3-10 times every day until he gets better.if it doesn't work take him to a vet they'll tell you what to do.

What should you do if you stepped on your baby puppy and he is breathing hard?

don't step on it! poor puppy!:( why did you step on it!

How do you tell how old your puppy is?

Take him/her to the vet. They will tell you all the things about the puppy.

How do you tell a puppy no?

you cant say no to a puppy........

What can you give your six week old puppy she has a breathing problem?

You can give your puppy a trip to the Veterinarian. She needs to be checked up. She could have a severe respiratory infection, etc. Don't try to treat her at home, take her into be seen by your Vet.

How can you tell if your puppy is a chihuahua?

you can tell if a puppy is a chiuaua because the chihuahua has big ears

What are the symptoms of a breathing problem in a Boxer?

when the boxer is laying on its back, with four legs up in the air, and not breathing, you know it has a breathing problem.

Can you tell a real diamond by breathing on it?

No you can't tell if a diamond is real or not by breathing on it

How do you tell when a puppies sick?

You can tell when a puppy is sick if he/she is eating grass or whimpering You can tell when a puppy is sick if he/she is eating grass or whimpering

Is it safe for a puppy to have half of an Oreo cookie and now it is breathing heavily?

No, dogs can not have any chocolate. You should take the puppy to the vet.

How do you tell what type of crossbreed a puppy is?

Most of the time when you take your puppy in for shots the vet should be able to tell.

What is one example of a pollution problem?

breathing problem

Can you tell if your dog is from a puppy mill?

You can tell if your dog is from a puppy milll if it has been experencing weird side effects... such as: sicknesses!!! You can tell if your dog is from a puppy milll if it has been experencing weird side effects... such as: sicknesses!!!

The difference from girl puppy and a boy puppy?

the way to tell the difference of a boy puppy and a girl puppy is that boy puppy's have a penis and testicles. A female puppy does not have a penis and testicles

How can you tell if your puppy is a boxer?

by looking

How do you remove fluid from the chest of a nwborn puppy?

If a pup is born weak or is ignored by its mother, your assistance can save its life. For instance, if a newborn puppy appears cold and weak with irregular or no breathing, hold it firmly and swing it up and down between your legs with its head down. This will help drain fluid from the mouth and lungs. To stimulate breathing, rub the puppy briskly with a warm towel. By blowing gently into its nose and softly pressing its chest with your fingers you can also help induce breathing. When the puppy starts breathing on its own, return it to its mother. If this doesn't work then you should immediately take the puppy to the vets. Even if you manage to get the fluid from the pups chest it's a good idea to have the vet check out the puppy.

Is it a problem to get the smallest puppy in the litter?

Not usually.

When does a puppy loose its puppy breath?

It usually doesn't because he/she is always breathing just like humans only except if you have any problems or anything.

Why is your 8 week old pug puppy breathing so hard?

Cause its scared of you!

How do you persuade your dad to buy you a puppy?

tell him you will do a the work! And if we get a puppy i would be so happy.