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I presume you mean car water pump? If the water pump is faulty the car will over heat and the temperature gauge will go up. Make sure that there is enough coolant in the radiator, the radiator or the hose pipe is not leaking and the radiator cap is not faulty, as all of these faults can cause overheating. Once you have excluded these then you can blame the water pump.

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Q: How can you tell if your water pump go bad?
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What is the weep hole for?

if you are talking about the weep hole in the water pump. that hole will let water out when the seals in the water go bad. that will tell you to get the water pump replaced.

How can you tell if a water pump gone bad in a 1998 Chevy Malibu?

thay usually leak at the bottom of pump out the releif hole. or if it is noisier than usual it can go bad.

What cause a water pump to go bad?

The use of regular water creates sediments and bad function of the water pump bearing.

Woul your car leak anti-freeze if your water pump is bad?

yes and no, if the water pump seals are bad antifreeze will leak from the weep hole on the water pump, but it is possible for the pump to go bad and not leak at all.

What happens when water pump go bad?

it get rusted

How do I tell if my Auto's water pump is going bad?

Sometimes they'll emit a high pitched noise before they go bad. Is your engine running hot? Could be a bad thermostat.

How can you tell if your water pump is bad?

Most water pumps have a (weep) hole just under where the pulley go's into the pump body.=ok you fan blade is bolted to the front of your pump. looking down if you see a trinkel of water or a water stain on the front of it under the shaft you can bet your pump is gone.=

Can a water pump go bad without leaking?

Yes. A pump does not have to leak to break down

Can the bad alternator cause the water pump to good bad?

The alternator is belt driven and so is the water pump but that is where the correlation ends. There is no way a bad alternator could cause a water pump to go bad unless the alternator pulley was warped. Then there is a small chance.

When the water pump goes out of a Toyota Camry does the Timing Belt automatically go bad or can the timing belt cause the water pump to go out?

the timing belt can cause a water pump to go bad if the belt is on too tight, because that will put stress on the bearings making it wear out rather quickly.

Will a water pump on a 1999 chev suburban leak intermittently?

Only if it's going bad. When the bearing and seal are starting to go bad the water pump will leak from the weep hole.

What could cause water pump to go bad?

Normal wear on the bearings inside.

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