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AnswerMales grow earlier in their life but females eventually get bigger than males. Females have shorter stubbier tales and males have longer skinnier tales.

For snapping turtles though, male private parts are farther away from their shells and obviously female private parts are closer to their shells. Female snapping turtles still grow larger than males.

Always remember to stay away from snapping turtles heads but never hold the from their tail because that can injure their backbone!!!! Hold them from the very back of the shell!!!

you can tell the sex by the females tale is much shorter and thinner and has a small cloacel region and the males tale being much longer and fatter and has a bigger cloacal region then the females

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How can you tell a female from a male painted turtle?

Adult male turtles have long nails on their front feet. Females and juveniles don't.

How do you tell if a Painted turtle is a boy or a girl?

The male turtles have a longer tails and females has a shorter tails.

How do you tell if your turtle is a boy or girl?

Male turtles have very long tails and females tails are slightly shorter than the male. Male turtles may also have a slightly concave bottom shell (like the "inside" of a spoon).

Is your map turtle a male or female?

Note: you can't really tell the sex of a turtle until after it's a baby. Male map turtles are about 1/3 the size of their females. Male map turtles have a concave under shell. Female map turtles have a convex under shell.

How can you tell if itz male turtle or female turtle?

males have longer skinnier tales and females have short and stubby tails. it can be hard to tell with baby turtles.

How do you tell girl turtle from boy turtles?

I'm pretty sure that male turtles have a long tail that you can see and females have a tail but you cannot see it from a bird's eye view.

Do male turtles eat females eggs if they are not buried?

Female turtles bury their eggs to protect them from predators. Male turtles normally do not eat the female'a eggs if they are not buried.

How do you tell if a painted turtle is male or female?

Adult male painted turtles and sliders have long nails on the front feet. Females and juveniles do not. The plastron (lower shell) of many turtles is concave in adult males and flat or even a bit convex in females. This is most pronounced in turtles with high-domed shells. In all adult turtles, look at the position of the vent. If it is under the upper shell (carapace), you have a female; if it is beyond the carapace, you have a male.

How can you tell if your pet sun turtle is male or female?

It is important to know the gender of a pet. For sun turtles, males have blue coloring underneath, females do not.

Why do male turtles have longer nails than females?

It I how the male turtle flirts with the female turtle 😃

Can turtles and turtles live together?

it depends on the type of turtle your talking about, turtles can live together but it is best to have one male ,one female or two females as the male turtles(depending on the type) can become igressive. I hope this helps:-)

What do male turtles do to female turtles?

they mate with them... Fanning is common in some species, where the male will shake his hands in the females face with the nails touching her. Very odd to watch!

What is the difference between male and female fresh water turtles?

In terms of size, male turtles are usually smaller than female turtles, usually the small difference of an inch. Male turtles also have a thicker, longer shell than females. Their undershells also differ; male turtles' are concave while the female turtles' undershells are flat and a bit convex.

Will a girl or a boy turtle have dent on its shell?

Male turtles have a slight indent on the underside of their shell. Females have flat or rounded shells. Another way to tell is that males have red or orange eyes. Females will have darker colors.

How can you tell boy and girl turtles apart?

there are a couple ways you can tell a female turtle from a male 1. Females are bigger than males 2. males tails are thicker (for the penis) and females tails are long and thin 3. and or red eared sliders the males front claws are longer than the females...this is for courting the females during mating season

How do box turtles reproduce?

A male and a female will mate to produce young.

How do you tell girl turtles from boy turtles?

Answer: Female turtles have dull colors and male turtles are much brighter and can sometimes be smaller too.

How can you tell a male beetle from a female beetle?

Male beetles have the big horns for attracting and fighting for females. Females have no horns at all.

How can you tell difference between male and female turkery?

males have gobblers females don't and females lay eggs and male don't

How do you tell a male beetles from female beetles?

Male beetles have the big horns for attracting and fighting for females. Females have no horns at all.

How can you tell side necked turtles sex?

you tell by the tails males have long tails females have short tails.

How do you tell female fantails from males?

Males will chase the females and the male will chew at the females fins.

How do you tell young male chickens from females?

check the genitals

How do you tell sea turtles apart?

Male sea turtles usually have more concave shells and longer tails

How can you tell if you have male or female robin when it is a baby?

Baby male robins have spots on there stomach, and females do not.