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Can you tell me about mammals of the Amazon?

mammals have faur or hair like were a mammals

How can scientists tell megatheriums was mammals?

at the time of birth mammals produce milk and they are warm blooded animals

Are ringtails mammals?

dont know it shoot you tell me

Name three herbivors that are not mammals?

Three herbivors that are not mammals are snails, aphids, and moths.

How can you tell that humans are mammals?

Fur Warm blood Mammary Glands (girls only)

What animals are easy to tell which is a boy or girl?

Mammals because males have visible testicles.

What kind of human is a mammal?

Uhhh, I don't know how to tell you this... but we're kind of ALL mammals... humans are mammals. All of us. There isn't any particular kind of human that's a mammal, we're just all mammals.

Are chimpanzees a vertabrate or invertebrate?

Chimpanzees are in fact vertebrates. You can tell if you rub down their backs, you might feel lumps, that is part of the spine, also chimps are mammals, mammals are vertebrates.

How do you tell a shark from a dolphin?

Shark are fish and breath water Dolphin are mammals and breath air.

What mammals provide milk for young?

From the many hours of research I've done from what i can tell, all of them -.-

Which land mammals can cry?

All mammals have tear ducts. Tears in mammals serve the purpose of removing dirt particples from the eyes and adding moisture to the eyes. As for what mammals can cry from sadness, it is unproven that animals can cry from experiencing grief. However, any pet owner will tell you that their dogs and cats can cry from sadness.

Were whales always sea mammals?

No. Bset science can tell mammals were first land living. And the creatures that eventually became whales for some reason opted for a more aquatic Lifestyle.

How can you tell the different between mammals and animals?

Mammals are a class of animal. They have fur, red warm blood, produce live young, and make their own milk. You are a mammal, therefore you are an animal.

What can you tell about an animal by looking at fossils?

You can tell weather the animal is a carnivorousness, herbivorous or what type of group it is put in E.G (mammals, reptiles). You can tell what age it is by looking at its teeth and what injuries it suffered when it was alive.

Show you a picture of the bumblebee bat?

No i cant show u but i can tell u that they are the smallest mammals ever

What can you tell about a mammal from the shape of its teeth?

The main thing one can tell about mammals based on the shape of their teeth is whether they. Herbivores or carnivores. Admittedly, this does not hold true for pandas, which are herbivorous, feeding on bamboo shoots and leaves, but it is usually true. In some mammals, their age can be determined by their teeth.

Is a meerkat vertebrate or invertebrate and how can you tell?

Meerkats are vertebrate, because they are mammals. You can tell because they are warm blooded, have hair, breathe oxygen, and give birth without eggs. They also reproduce sexually.=============================================================================The vertebrates are all the animals with BACKBONES. That is fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals

How are placental mammals classified?

placental animals are classified by... thats why we have wiki ANSWERS they're supposed to tell us!

What colour cannot identify to cats and rabbits?

The only mammals that can tell the difference between red and green are primates.

What is the difference between mammal and not mammals?

There are two things which will tell you if an animal is a mammal or not. 1. All mammals make milk to feed their their young. Only mammals do this. Don't be fooled by breasts and nipples. Some mammals have neither of these - just a special patch of skin which gives milk when baby licks it. 2. All mammals have three tiny bones in the ear, called the hammer, anvil and stirrup. These bones are what give mammals their very good hearing. Only mammals have them. Many people think that all mammals give birth to live young. Not true. There are three species that lay eggs! It is true that mammals are hairy, but so are some insects.

How can you tell the difference between a boy and a girl cougar?

In the obvious way. There are some animals ... even some mammals (like hyenas) ... in which it's difficult to tell, but cougars are not one of them.

Which animals have a backbone and fur?

any type of dog or catanimals which have a backbone can u tell meBEST ANSWER -----> MAMMALS!! :D

Which animal group does a tiger belong to?

tigers are mammals. You can tell this as they have hair, they produce milk and give birth to live young.

Are sharks dolphins?

No. Dolphins are mammals and sharks are fish. You can tell the difference because dolphins have lungs.

How can you tell if a female rabbit is in season?

Unlike most mammals, rabbits have no cycle. This means that they can breed no matter what time of year it is!