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NR Davis and Sons operated from 1893 to 1917. Is that close enough?

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Nr Davis sons hammerless 16 gauge double barrel with 299 under the barrel worth?

Wall hanger to 125 USD or so

What is a you hollis and sons double barrel 12 gauge hammered shotgun?


What year was a double barrel-trigger-hammerless 12 gauge gun made with the numbers 4041 on it?

I have a 12 gauge shotgun with the numbers 4041 on it. It has a double barrel and double trigger and hammerless. Could someone tell me what year it was made?

Do you have any pictures ofPeerless12 gauge double barrel model 272562?

any one with information or pics on peerless 12 gauge double barrel hammerless with 272562

Where can you get a stock for a 12 gauge Crescent Arms double barrel hammerless shotgun?


Where can you find information about Stevens shotguns?

the value of a 1948 Stevens double barrel shotgun 16 gauge. Hammerless.

Where can you get parts for an Ithaca 12 gauge hammerless double barrel serial?

Numrich Gun Parts Corp. online at

What is the value of a Crescent Arms 20 gauge double barrel Empire model 60 hammerless shotgun?

The Crescent Arms "Empire Hammerless" double barrel (20 guage) is not a collectable gun, but is a "shooter". Thus, in shootable condition, it is worth about $200. That's what I paid for mine, strictly for bird hunting.

What is the age of a 12 gauge J Stevens Arms Company double barrel hammerless Springfield shotgun with the number 569xx on all parts?


Is there a conversion kit available anywhere to change a Crescent Arms New Empire hammerless double barrel twelve gauge into an external hammer gun?


where can you find a nr Davis an sons 12 gauge double barrel shot gun stock?

the internet

What is the age and value of a 12 gauge Springfield Arms hammerless side by side double barrel serial T75679 in nearly new condition?


How much is a Utica 12 gauge double barrel hammerless in good condition worth?

What are the exact markings on the shotgun? 3000 s30 42427 utica special

How much is a side by side double barrel 16 gauge shotgun hammerless in fair condition worth?

Without knowing who made it, the question can't be answered

Info on a Spencer Gun co double barrel 12-gauge shotgun wanting to know if Hammerlss is imprinted right?

I have a Spencer hammerles shotgun, and it has America 's new hammerless on the barrel

What is value of NR Davis and Sons Ajax 20 gauge double barrel shotgun?

50-125 or so

What is the value of a 16 gauge Crescent Davis Model 1743 double barrel shotgun?

I was offered $5700 for mine

Value of 12 gauge double barrel revelation?

whats the value of a 12 gauge double barrel revelation

What is the estimated value of a 1872 Lefever Arms 12 gauge double barrel shotgun?

Hello I will need to know more info on it. Like what is marked on it? Hammer or hammerless? Grade? email me Hammerless serial nr 55557

Can you find parts for a 16 gauge Enders Royal double barrel side by side hammerless shotgun?

Not readily. You'll find that parts will need to repaired or made by a gunsmith.

What is the gauge and year and model of an Ithaca 28 inch double barrel side by side hammerless shotgun with the serial number 379263?

The gauge is stamped on the water table by the serial number. It is a Flues model made in 1924.

What is a J Stevens arms and tool co 16 gauge hammerless shotgun only markings BD 0269 worth?

Single barrel, $50-$75. Double, $150-$250.

Where can you get a stock for a J Stevens 16 gauge hammerless double barrel shotgun?

Many gunsmiths will have one or two in the back room, or you can order from Numrich Gun Parts at the related link.

Who made Central Arms double barrel 16 gauge April 1915?

If that date is Apr 20, 1915, the gun is a J. Stevens Arms Co Model 311 hammerless.

What is the value of 12 gauge double barrel shotgun made in 1970?

What is the value of a 12 gauge double barrel shotgun made in 1970?

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