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How can you tell the age of your rifles?

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First you have to be able to identify the manufacturer and model. For some there are published serial number lists which will give the year of manufacturer. For others you may have to be satisfied to know a range of years when that model was produced.

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Where do you find the number to tell the age of rifle?

No one number- sorry. In SOME cases, the age can be determined from a serial number- IF the gun has a serial number- but they were not required on rifles until 1968. In the case of Marlin rifles, it may be a single letter prefix to the serial number. In the case of Remington rifles, it may be a 2 or 3 letter code stamped on the left side of the barrel where it joins the frame.

How can you find the age or year of manufacture for Winchester 1892 rifles?

Winchester 1892 rifles were made from 1892-1945. To find the age, look on the metal plate, just behind the cock.

How do you tell a kittens age?

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Age for air rifles in Australia?

The minimum legal age for any type of firearms ownership in Australia is 18.

How can you tell the age of your dog?

how can i tell the age of a dog

What age do you bay guns fl?

18 for rifles and shotguns, 21 for handguns

What weapons are kids allowed to carry?

Depending on the state they are in and the age of the child, hunting rifles.

What is the current age to purchase a gun?

In the US, 18 for rifles and shotguns, 21 for handguns.

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What is the value of a Remington model 34 lr?

I have seen these rifles advertised for around $200. They were only made for about 3 years back in the 1930s. Very nice little rifles. I shot one, and was amazed at how accurate it was given the rifles age and wear.

How many ruger rifles were produced in 1950?

You will have to find the ATF data for that year. Ruger will not tell you.

Age to buy rifles or shotguns in ny?

Federal law is 18 to own a long gun.

What is the age of a Savage Model 72 A935746?

These crackshot rifles in .22cal were made from 1972-1989.

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