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The difference is in the height that the design details extend out from the surface. High reliefe coins tend to not get fully struck up on the high points of the design -- especially in the hair above the ear.

Pictures of the high & low relief coins can be seen on CoinFacts, using the link below.

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Q: How can you tell the difference between a 1922 Peace High or Low Relief Silver Dollar?
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What is the value of an 1922 high relief US Silver Dollar?

A high relief 1922 Peace dollar is rare, they have values of $80,000.00 or more.

What is the difference between an 1894 silver dollar and an 1894 Morgan silver dollar?

There's no difference. All silver dollars minted in 1894 used the Morgan design, named for the famous designer George T. Morgan.

How much is the 1922 satin silver finish low relief silver dollar?

$27 to $32,000

What is the difference between a silver dollar and a Morgan dollar?

A Morgan dollar IS a silver dollar. The term Morgan refers to the designer George T. Morgan who created the images used from 1878 to 1904 and in 1921.

What is 1921 high relief silver dollar worth?

The High Relief coin is the 1921 Peace Dollar, not the Morgan. Circulated examples are $75.00 to $180.00, depending on grade.

What is the difference between a silver dollar bill and a silver dollar bill with a full ladder?

A silver dollar bill with a full ladder refers to the serial number on the bill either increasing or decreasing in numerical order. For example: A12345678 or A87654321.

What is the difference between an 1889 Morgan or liberty silver dollar?

There is no difference. They are the same coin but many people refer to them as "Liberty Dollars".

How do you measure the relief on a 1922 silver dollar?

Basicly you can't, if you think you have a "High Relief" 1922 Peace dollar, send it to a third-party grading service, any coin must be authenticated.

How can you tell the difference between a 1890 silver dollar and the replica?

Replica coins are required to have the word "COPY" stamped on them somewhere.

What is the difference between1922 Peace silver dollar high relief and normal relief?

The high relief 1922 Peace dollar is a Proof only issue coin and the design elements protrude from the background higher than usual and above the rim which causes the coin not to stack well and is impractical for coinage. Most were melted at the Mint and the ones that still exist are very rare.

What is the difference between a 1881 US silver dollar with cc and without?

If it has the CC mintmark it means it was made at the Carson City mint.

What is the difference between a matte finish or satin finish silver dollar?

There's a set of pictures at the site under Related Links.

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