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Other than the fact that a 1979 SBA dollar coin is about the size of a quarter, a Liberty Lobby coin is a large 1 ounce silver round with the LL logo on the reverse.

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what is the 1983 liberty lobby, one silver eagle worth

You don't have an official U.S. coin. The Liberty Lobby was an extreme-conservative political group that didn't trust the Federal monetary system and issued its own pieces.

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In 1980 Liberty Lobby, a conservitive organization, decided to mint silver coins for their members. This was the year that high inflation and high unemployment caused many people to speculate that a second great depression was inevitable. In 1983 a Liberty Lobby Silver Eagle, one troy once of .999 fine silver, sold for $13.00. These purchased coins came with a guarrantee of a $9.00 redemption buy back if returned in mint condition regardless of the price spot silver.

It is not a coin but a medal and considered a silver round. Liberty Lobby was an American political advocacy organization and they probably sold these medals as a way to raise money. They are worth the silver value of about $15 and not much more.

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That is a privately minted silver round, valued only for the ounce of silver it contains -- currently about $17

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