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Because i think milk teeth are whiter, And sometimes they have ridges when they come in.


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All mammals are born with a set of milk teeth, also known as baby teeth, and adult teeth. A dog is in this classification. If the dog's too is knocked out between the ages of 2 to 3 months old their adult tooth come in. If the tooth that is knocked out is an adult tooth it won't.

Only if it is a puppy and is losing it's milk teeth. Otherwise, if the dog is an adult the tooth will not regrow.

If it was an adult tooth you lost, you won't be getting any replacement. If it was a milk tooth, well there's nothing you can do to hurry the replacement anyhow.

Depending on why you lost your tooth, if you never lost all of your baby teeth (just because you have teeth under your baby onesdoesn't mean your going to lose them (two of my teeth were growing in a way they wouldn't push my baby teeth out and at 17 I got them pulled and within a month they were fully grown in)) and your tooth eventually falls out because of the pressure from the tooth growing under it, or if by chance the tooth that you "accidentally lost" is a baby tooth, AND there is a tooth under it then yes. Other wise no. Go to a dentist. You actually born with tooth buds inside your gums, your milk tooth buds are almost completed forming but the adult teeth have only started. The reason your milk teeth fall out is because the adult tooth bud has finished growing and crushes the root of the milk tooth. Some people are born without adult tooth buds. Count yourself lucky :/

The tooth in question is a tooth that children have. If it is not a permanent tooth, it could be called a milk tooth.

Milk is an ingredient in yogurt.

Appearance of the tooth will help you to identify whether its milk tooth or permanent tooth. If tooth appears small, delicate its a milk tooth, if its big, bulbous, its permanent tooth.

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Yes it should. Around 10-11 years old, it will fall out to make room for your adult teeth.If you don't see the tip of the adult tooth, then it should come in in a few weeks at most.

it usually is just for very young kids and that their tooth is strengthen by milk

Well there are a few things, if you are between the ages of 2-6, you put your lost tooth under your pillow in hopes that the Tooth Fairy will come. If you are an adult and you lost an adult tooth, you may get a cap. If you're tooth is chipped, you go to a dentist office and get a filling. Also if you have the chip and it is sizable, you should put it in a baggie of milk and your dentist may be able to reattch it. (I chipped my front two teeth and they just cemented the chips back on to make them look realistic.)

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