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When a mate walks away from another (even if they are just dating) it hurts a great deal, so the person that feels jilted should take a few months to center themselves and to find out what they have learned from the experience. If this person jumps within days or weeks into another relationship it's too soon to be totally serious over another person.

Most people feel lonely and bewildered over the experience and they want comfort from the opposite sex. It isn't always about sex either, but the loneliness of not having the person they were once with around them all the time.

If this person is a good person then just take it slow and perhaps it will still work out.

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There is no real way to tell the difference between rebound relationships or genuine love relationships. Only time tells the nature of any relationship. All relationships are risk takers because you are getting to know the character of the other person. It just takes time. Crossing the street without looking is dangerous. Rushing into a relationship without taking a good look at the inner soul of a person (which takes time, at least a year), is very dangerous.

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Q: How can you tell the difference between rebound love and genuine love?
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