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== == White gold is "labeled" by the karat weight on the inner rim of the ring....ex: 10K, 14K, etc... Also, real gold will leave a black mark on your face if wearing base I have always been told and found to be true as I only wear white gold or silver...I personally do not like yellow gold.

Adding to prior response; Marks on a piece generally don't mean much unless purchased from a reputable jeweler.

Buy a nitric acid testing kid and follow the instructions.

Also try using a magnet on the piece, if it's attracted to a magnet- don't bother buying the rest kit, it's not real.

Another way to tell between silver and gold- Silver is slightly more gray, gold has a brighter shine to it, silver will tarnish fairly quickly (5-20 years)- gold takes 100+ years to tarnish.

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Q: How can you tell the difference between white gold and sterling silver?
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How could you tell the difference between sterling silver and platinum?

One way to tell the difference between sterling silver and platinum is to look closely at the color. Sterling silver will have a grayish look to it, while platinum will look like it is almost white.

Hallmark 925 on a ring what is white gold or silver?

The 925 hallmark is indicative of 92.5% Sterling Silver.

What is better white gold or sterling silver?

white gold

Difference between 925 versus 585 white gold which is expensive?

925 is not even is sterling silver. 585 is 14K gold. As of today, 3/4/10, sterling is 17.70 an ounce and gold is 1132.00 an ounce.

What is difference between Beko s502 and S502w?

silver and white

Is 925 Italy white gold?

sterling silver

What does sterling silver wrapped in white gold mean?


How can you tell if something is real sterling silver?

Sterling silver is stamped "sterling" or "925". Other metals may say "nickel free," "stainless," "surgical steel," "silver plated," "WGF" (white gold filled), "nickel silver," "Peruvian silver," "German silver," "Tibetan silver," "Bali Silver," and a number of other things, but NOT sterling or 925. That's the key.

If your ring says 925 does that mean it cant be white gold?

Yes, in this case, the ring is not white gold but in fact sterling silver. Acceptable quality marks for sterling silver include: sterling, ster and .925. Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by mass of silver and 7.5% by mass of other metals, usually copper.

What is the difference between white perch and yellow perch?

It is very easy to tell the difference between a yellow perch and white perch. However, many people mistake white perch for silver bass. If you eat the fish you catch, there is a big difference in the taste of white perch and silver bass. White perch are very good; silver bass are a lot fishier tasting. The easiest way to tell the difference between a white perch and silver bass is by looking at their stripes on the side of the fish. White perch only have 1 solid stripe which is high up on their back. Silver bass, on the other hand, have five stripes on their sides and appear to be more silver in color. There are other differences between the two fish and hopefully in the future I can post a photo of a silver bass alongside a white perch and describe them to you.

What is the physical difference between silver and platinum?

The physical difference between silver and platinum is in terms of color. Pure silver is more whitish in color while platinum is more grayish than white. Silver has a lower density than platinum.

925 is the white gold?

925 is a stamp on sterling silver to indicate that it is 925 parts silver to the 1000.

Is silver between gray and white?

Yes. Silver is between gray and white.

Is platinum between silver and white?

Yes. Platinum is between silver and white.

What is the best metal for rings?

If expensive then gold or white gold if cheaper then sterling silver

Ring that looks to be a white metal and is stamped with 925 on the inside of the band but nothing else what is this likely to mean?

It is very likely sterling silver. Sterling silver is an alloy of Silver containing 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals...usually gold.

What does stamp 25 on a ring mean?

if it is a white metal it is probably sterling silver. the stamp for sterling silver is 925. the 9 might've worn away. 925 means its 92,5 percent silver and the other 7,5 percent is copper.

What is the difference between silver plate and silver on copper?

Both are silver plated, but silver on copper tells you what kind of metal is used as an underlay. Silver plated copper is more valuable than silver on a white metal or zinc underlay.

Is the value of sterling silver different than 925 silver?

No. Sterling Silver is 925 Silver (they are one in the same)Sterling Silver - Sterling silver is a composition of 925 parts pure silver with 75 parts of copper

Is there 525 on white gold?

525 is not gold. If you misread however:585 is 14ct925 is sterling silver

How do you determine if jewelry is sterling silver?

Sterling silver will have what is called a hallmark on it, usually on an inner edge. It will be like three or four small punched emblems, which represent the maker, date etc. In England, silver objects without the hallmark should not even be called silver, but by the name 'white metal'.

What is the cost of 925 Italy white gold?

925 is not white gold, it is sterling silver, which is 92.5% silver. I hope you didn't pay gold price for your piece. For the prices of metals, I use

Is 925 silver from China same as UK sterling silver?

It is same amount of silver in 925 silver as in sterling silver. Sterling silver is 92.5% silver or fineness mark of 925.

Which is expensive 925 or 585 white gold jewelry?

925 is sterling silver, NOT gold. 585 is 14K gold.

How do you remove nail polish from white gold and sterling silver jewelry?

nail polish remover... derky derk