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How can you tell the spark plug numbers on the distrubitor cap of a 1988 Cadillac deVille?


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2015-07-15 20:08:29
2015-07-15 20:08:29

when looking at the cap from standing in frount of the car you will look down at the cap,witch is located under the air breather tube that runs too the top of your throttle body carborator, you will see that the cap has a white dot on the upper left hand corner of the cap,that will be your number 1 plug wire,hope fully you wasent in too much of a rush and pulled all the wires off?????? start their and mark the wires from left counter clock wise with a marker 1 thru 8 then take all the wires off the old cap and put the new cap and roter on,then from left counter clock wise replace the wires 1thru8 on the cap,then if you are replacing the wires take them of 1 bye 1 and compare them too the new wires for length and replace them,now if you got in a rush and tore all the wires off and dident mark them pull the number 1 plug wire (witch is the wire next too the white dot on top of your cap on the lfet hand side ) and criss cross from side too side of the engine the wires and that is the firing order of your engine


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