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Use a thermometer ! You, as a keeper, should know the temperature ranges suitable for a RES.

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Why is your Red Eared Slider Turtle not eating?

If your Red Eared Slider Turtle is not eating, it could mean a few things. They could be sick, their water could be too cold, or they are just being stubborn. If they don't eat for a long time, then you really should contact a vet, pricy as it may be.

Why does your red eared slider sleeps all day?

Your turtle may be sleepy because the water is too cold. Check the temperature. You may need a heater.

Why has your Red Eared Slider turtle stopped eating?

Because the water in aquarium is too cold! It'll die unless you get a heater! If you have a heater and it's not eating, you have nothing to worry about.

How does a red-eared slider turtle have babies?

They lay eggs just like every other cold blooded animal

What does a red eared slider turtle do in the wild?

Sliders are turles that live near rivers, lakes and streams..They are omnivorous, and hibernate in cold weather..Name comes from the habit of sliding off logs into water when approached.

Can a red eared slider live in colder climates?

Being too cold will slow the metabolism of a red eared slider. They should be kept at 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

How do you take care of a sick baby red eared slider turtle?

I had a sick baby red ear slider he was nerly dead, what you need to do it make sure you have a heater at least 75 temp, a cold turtle does not eat that was making my turtle sick you also need heat light uv light and land for the turtle your local pet store will tell you about the lights you need I have two turtles a baby turtle needs good water temp good luck hope your turtle gets better

What temperature does the water need to be when your raising a baby- middle sized red-eared slider?

You need water that is room temperature. If the water seems too cold put more hot water in, if too hot put more cold in.

Why won't my baby red eared slider eat?

AnswerDo you have a heat lamp for the turtle? See the Related Question below.AnswerMy baby turtle has the same problem but I'll tell you what I know... Red eared sliders can only eat in water, and they wont eat if its too cold or if your watching him/her. also try giving him/her different foods and try to see if he/she will eat that. also if it is a new turtle then wait a few day until it is used to its surrondings. and baby red eared sliders like meat alot more then anything else so try and give cooked salmon or cooked meat. I hope that your turtle eats!Another Answer:Red Eared Slider turtles eat MEAT when babies, make sure they are at home and comfy and not spazzing out, then slip a small piece of chicken in their tank. It will sink, but they should find it. Also, when Red Eared Sliders are babies, the water cannot go above their heads if they are on their back legs. Their heads need to poke out.

Do red eared turtles like hot or cold water?

They like cold and hot water together

What do red eared sliders do in cold weather?

If they get cold they will become sluggish and if the water is too cold they will die

Do turtles live in cold or hot water?

cold couse my sisters turtle has had a reaction to hot water

Why does my red-eyed slider turtle not eat his food?

Turtles might not eat for a variety of reasons. 1) If its tank or basking area is too cold, his digestive system might slow down. Make sure that he is away from cold areas of your home, such as a window or doorway if it's cold outside, and make sure that he has both a water heater and a nice hot basking lamp. 2) Turtles often do not like change in their environment. If you have recently traveled with your turtle, or moved his tank, or even rearranged the inside of his tank, he may not eat for a few days. 3) If he does not eat for four days or more, he might be sick, so call a local veterinarian. Find one that has a turtle/reptile specialist, because not all vets do. Because of their slow metabolism, it can take a long time for a turtle to recover from sickness, so call your vet as soon as possible. Also, it's red-eared slider, not red-eyed slider.

When do red eared sliders hybernate?

If it is in a pond or lake, if it gets cold where the turtle is like under 40 degrees F then it will hibernate in the winter, if it is in an aquarium or just somewhere inside then it will not hibernate. DO NOT FORCE IT INTO HIBERNATION BY MAKING THE WATER COLD IT CAUSES MAJOR HEALTH RISKS!

Can turtles stay in the water all the time?

Yes, they can. The operative word is 'can', as in ability, not preference. All turtles should be given the opportunity to get out of the water. They are cold water reptiles that need an outside heat source to warm up. I have a red-eared slider and a painted turtle. Both prefer to stay in the water 90% of the time. Occasionally they climb out, stretch out each limb under the heat lamp for a good drying out, then duck back under the water.Answer- no you will need to put a rock in there so it can busk by the heat lamp

Can a turtle die in cold water?

it is very unlikely but it could happen if its cold enough but it would half to be very cold

Why won't my box turtle eat?

if your box turtle is aquatic, it may be because the water is too cold or its uncomfortable in its habitat.

Do turtles like warm or cold water?

It depends what kind of turtle it is usually they luke-warm water.

Can a baby snapping turtle live in cold water?

Not exactly, They can live for 1-2 days in it though.

What do you do if your turtle won't eat?

if your turtle wont eat they are probably too cold so make their tank warmer and their water warmer to about 90 degrees or like 85

How can you tell if your red eared slider is unhappy?

Well, turtles don't really get sad or happy as far as we can tell. If your turtle is way less active than it normally is, or isn't eating its food, then it might be cold or sick. Check his tank and basking area temperatures, and if those are fine, then take it to a vet with a reptile specialist. Keep in mind as turtles mature, they typically become gradually less and less active.

What do you do if you found a turtle egg in cold water and its been there for hours?

Throw it away. An egg can only stay under water for 2 hours.

Turtle cold blooded?

Yes, turtles are cold blooded.

What is a turtle cold warm blooded?

Turtles are cold blooded.

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