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YOu can't tell from a pregnancy test what day you conceived. If you have a regulkar 28day cycle it is likely to have been 13-15 days after the START of your last period. An ultrasound scan at around 6 weeks can tell you within a day or two.

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Q: How can you tell what day you conceived you took a pregnancy test that is positive?
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If you conceived a week ago when will the test be positive?

You can test with an early detection pregnancy test in about another week and it will be positive if you are pregnant.

How can you tell when you've conceived?

If you miss your period, you take a pregnancy test

How do you tell if your sister is pregnant?

If she has a positive pregnancy test and tells you.

When will a positive pregnancy test show?

Two weeks after having sex, take the test and it will tell you.

If you conceived on June 28th 2009 when should take a test?

If you conceived or think you conceived on June 28th 2009 when should you take a pregnancy test?

Positive pregnancy test when to see doctor?

I would contact your physician and ask when to make an appointment. Most doctors will tell you to come make an appointment as soon as you receive a positive pregnancy test.

How can you tell when your girl is pregnant?

If a pregnancy test comes out positive. Although, pregnancy tests aren't always 100% accurate.

Pregnancy test in vitro?

Your pregnancy test with IVF (in vitro fertilization) will be the same as a regular pregnancy test and if you did conceive, you will see a positive pregnancy test!

Can a urine pregnancy test be positive other than in pregnancy?

No, because the test reads positive only for a horomone that is present in pregnant women. So if a test is positive, it detected that PREGNANCY horomone in your urine

Can you test positive for a pregnancy test if it's an ectopic pregnancy?

Yes you can....I have unfortunately had two ectopic pregnancies and tested positive for both.....

How many days ofter ovulation would a pregnancy test be positive?

After 16 days of ovulation a pregnancy test be positive.

Will an ectopic pregnancy give a positive on a prgnancy test?

Yes, It can. I tested positive on a home pregnancy test at 26 CD.

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