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Q: How can you tell what model a Delkron engine is with the serial numbers on the block?
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Where are the serial numbers on the engine of a 71 Monte Carlo?

your serial number is on the back of the engine block on the side facing the fire wall

Where are the engine block serial numbers located on the ford 352ci engine?

It is on the back of the block to the right of the oil pressure sending unit, if you are looking from the front of the engine to the back of the engine.

What does ce3a488 mean on a small block Chevy?

This is a warranty replacement engine. There are several decoders for the block numbers for these engine on the web and all require the block serial # as well as this code.

Where are the engine block serial numbers located on the ford 351 Cobra Jet engine?

The partial VIN should be stamped on the drivers side back of the block just below where the head mount.

Where are the engine block serial numbers located on the ford f550 6.4 powerstroke?

The engine serial number is located on the left rear corner of the crank case on a half moon machined surface.

Model t serial numbers where are they located?

The serial number on the engine would also be the vehicle identification number. Keep in mind the engine may have been swapped out during the cars lifetime. The engine serial number is located over the water inlet on the driver's side of the engine block.

How do you identify what engine is in your 68 dart gts?

you go by the serial # on the car or you can look on the engine block on the side of the engine for the serial # of the engine.

Need to find engine size in car 1972 Chevy Chevelle?

get the serial numbers off the side of the engine block, should be just below the freeze plugs on either the passenger side or drivers side of the block.

Where do you find the engine serial numbers for the 1970 impala to determine what size engine?

Go the the front of the car, on the passenger side, in front of the valve cover there should be some numbers stamped on the block there. It is on a small flat area and if your engine is dirty, you will need to so some cleaing to be able to read them. This number can be translated into what engine block is in your car now. You can see an example of the serial number location here. It is just above where the water pump is bolted to the engine block. Carl King

Where is Chevy engine block serial number for a 327 cu in 1963 Chevy?

Serial number, and or engine or vehicle code are stamped on the cylinder deck on the right front of the block immediately in front of the right cylinder head. Casting numbers and date codes are on the right rear of the block just in front of the bell housing mounting surface.

Looking for a list of Chevy V6 block and head casting numbers?

Every Chevrolet V-6 engine block has a metal plate attached to the engine block, listing the specifics of the engine. The casting numbers should be on the engine block plate.

Where is the engine serial number located on a 1995 f-150?

Where is located the f150 engine serial number stamped in the block