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Jack the car up so that wheel with the bearing in question is up off the ground. Grab the tire on the top and bottom and rock it back and forth. There should be little or no play back and forth with the tire. If there is then that bearing should be replaced. Usually a bad wheel bearing will make a noise while the car is in motion. The noise may get louder during turns. Also, withe the car jacked up spin the wheel. The beraing may cause clicking noise or rotate in a jerky way. I have seen situations where the symptoms of a bad wheel bearing were not pronounced but the bearing was in very bad shape (split rollers split race. Investigate any symptom promptly. The bearing may cause you to loose a wheel or cause the wheel to not turn! Bad wheel bearings usually make noise while driving, try to listen to your car closely.

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Q: How can you tell when a wheel bearing on a Geo Prizm goes out?
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How can you tell if it's a bad wheel bearing or if it's the brake calliper that went bad?

front wheel bearing bad on a motorcycle

The traction off light and abs light goes off randomly in a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am SE how can it be fixed?

this has to do with the sensor in the wheel bearing, unfortunatly the sensor and wheel bearing are one unit. first you have to find out which wheel bearing it is and then replace it, these can be expensive. I've had to replace both of mine within months of each other. take it to get a diagnostic done they can tell you which bearing it is.hope this helps

How do you tell if your wheel bearing is bad on a Lincoln navigator?

Usually when a wheel bearing goes bad, it will begin to make a high pitch noise like a bad humming sound and the sound increases as the speed of the vehicle increases. Take it to a shop and find out if they will check it for you.

How do you tell if wheel bearings are bad?

Most of the time you can hear a bad wheel bearing but the only 100% sure way to know is to remove the bearing and inspect it.Most of the time you can hear a bad wheel bearing but the only 100% sure way to know is to remove the bearing and inspect it.

How do you tell if a front wheel bearing is worn?

a humming sound usually heard on cornering, if heard when going left, its the right bearing and vice versa

How can you tell the difference between a flat spot on the tire and a bad wheel bearing?

If you suspect a flat spot on a tire examine the tire closely. You should be able to see a flat spot. To determine if your car has a bad wheel bearing rotate the wheel. A bad wheel bearing will often make a grinding sound as well as feeling rough as you turn the wheel. A bad wheel bearing may also shake or wiggle. It will also cause a car shaking problem.

How do you tell if the rear wheel bearing is going in 1996 suberu legacy?

As with any bearing going bad it would growl and the noise would increase with speed.

How do you know if the noise is bad wheel bearings?

The way to tell if you have a bad wheel bearing is when you are driving and go into a hard corner. The wheel that is on the inside of the corner stops making a humming noise. I just replaced my Driver Rear bearing on my 2004 VW Gti

How do you tell if I have a bad strut or wheel bearing?

A growl or rumble that changes pitch when you turn left or right would be a wheel bearing going bad. A bad strut would allow that corner of the car to bounce too much.

Tell how to change a front wheel bearing on a 1995 Plymouth Neon?

remove wheelremove cv shaft nutremove brake caliper and rotorremove bolts retaining bearing to spindleknock hub bearing out of spindle with big hammerreverse order to install new hub bearing

How can you tell if your front wheel bearing is bad?

Sound is usually the first warning - but to test you must jack the wheel off the ground. Any looseness in positioning OR roughness in spinning the wheel is a reason to get a pro to check it.

How do you tell when you need a front wheel alignment?

When you take your hands off the steering wheel with the car moving and it goes to the left or right quickly.

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