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How can you tell when you're in love?

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How can you tell when youre in love?

when your heart beats fast when that person is in the room or hallway or whatver

If youre scared too tell him you love him?

You could write a note or have a friend tell him for you or even call him. Good Luck!

How do you get to love someone back even if she does not really feel the same for you?

Tell her youre sorry, i love you. Let your heart speak man

How to tell if your parents dont love u?

They will love you uncoditionally but that doesnt stop them from finding you annoying if youre being a little prick

What is the best thing to do to show your girlfriend you love her?

tell her you love her! girls like it and also tell her how beautiful she is remind her of how special she is to you and that youre glad to have her in your life. hope this helps. goodluck

Im a 4th grade student im 9 years old and i like my teacher do i tell her i love her or not?

no. youre nine. you dont know what love is.

Is love still around or its just a fairy tell now?

well , I'll say that love in now adayes is a rare thing and can not be found easily but there still some hope out there and if you loosed youre fathe in love maybe its because youre aies aren't opened well and it means that youre hart are locked and my advice to you is : don't expect frome the others to open youre hart and don't think they will Guss whats on youre mined you should make the first move!

What is a word that means love for nature?

If youre askinf these question that means youre in LOVE right!well it is flower.

If youre weight on earth equals 60N what will be youre weight on the moon?

tell me the answer

What happens if teenagers are in love?

depends how old you are if youre older than 18 get married right out of highschool if youre younger just wait till youre out of high school just wait to get married if youre truly in love

How can you tell if your circumsized?

If your penis has a foreskin youre uncircumsized. If you can see you penis head than youre circumsized. Another way to tell is if you try pulling back on youre penis skin.

Are our pets in love with our other pets?

No, youre in love with yourself

what do you do if your parents find out that your with someone you're not supposed to?

Wdym. Like in what sense do you mean not supposed to?

Why do you dream of your love that youre together when youre not together?

to fufill that empty space of not having a lover

What can a title of a map tell you?

it can tell you where youre trying to point out to where you are going.

Is it normal to feel like you're in love with your friend?

no it means youre heart has fallen for him/her what you sould do is tell her/him how you feel bout her/him and she/he might become youre girlfriend/boyfriend trust me i know what i did was buy her a bunch of roses and a box of choclate so dont let this haunt you tell him/her how you feel

What do you tell youre friends if youre secretly bi and youre afraid to tell them because of what they will say?

I've known I have been bi since I was 11. When you tell your friends, if they don't understand they are not really friends. I am now sixty and have been married for 37 years. I love my husband However,.I have always been attracted to woman. However, I am married and just like many married people are attracted to others, I don't act upon the attraction. Being attracted to people and acting upon that are different things. If you don't have someone you love in your live now, you will at some time in the future. Your love may be a man or a woman. Why should your friends care what the gender of your love is?

What do you tell a girl to make her love you?

you cant tell her anything to MAKE her fall in love... its who you are that has to match up with her idea of who she wants... show her dont just tell her that youre the one for her... actions speak louder than words... and if that doesnt work, then maybe you two just arent matched up well enough for a relationship... or love...

What are the words to Sixteen Candles music?

Happy birthday, happy birthday, baby Oh, I love you so Sixteen candles make a lovely light But not as bright as your eyes tonight (as your eyes tonight) (oh) Blow out the candles, make your wish come true For Ill be wishing that you love me, too (that you love me, too) Youre only sixteen (sixteen) But youre my teenage queen (youre my queen) Youre the prettiest, loveliest girl Ive ever seen (Ive ever seen) (oh!) Sixteen candles in my heart will glow For ever and ever for I love you so (for I love you so) Youre only sixteen (sixteen) But youre my teenage queen (youre my queen) Oh, youre the prettiest, loveliest girl Ive ever seen (Ive ever seen) (oh!) Sixteen candles in my heart will glow For ever and ever for I love you so (for I love you so) For I love you so!!!

What is a good comeback to youre a chab?

Tell them they are a Pom.

What does green clouds tell us?

youre screwed.

How do you tell if youre in love?

if u think about a person a lot. if u get shy when u talk to them. if u constantly take chances u can to talk to them

How can you tell if youre boyfriend is falling out of love?

Well, boys are very complicated when it comes to truley showing his feelings. If you feel he is falling out of love, the best you can do is save yourself the trouble and end it, or show him what you guys had.

How do you tell your friend he is an idiot?

Say gosh sorry to be the one to tell you but youre an idiot.

What is is the love?

love is when you miss the person right next you and youre constantly thinking about that person.!