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  • You can tell when you r boyfriend is cheating when he starts talking about another girl a lot, when he is hanging out with another girl more than you, when he talks to another girl more, and when you catch him cheating. But don't accuse him of cheating right when he is talking about another girl because cheating isn't always the case. He might only just have feelings for another girl or has a very good friendship with her; but don't be afraid to ask your boyfriend if anything is going on between them.
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How can you tell your boyfriend you are cheating on him?

The best way to break it to your boy friend you are cheating on him is to not tell him. Break up with him then wait a week until you tell any one you have another boyfriend.

What do you do if your boyfriend thinks you are cheating on him?

if you are tell him if your not tell him that if he cant trust you then leave

If you tell your boyfriend you found him cheating and he keeps silent what does it mean?

In most cases if a boyfriend was not cheating and was accused by his girlfriend then he would be angry and since your boyfriend is silent there is a high possibility he is cheating and cannot own up to it.

Is it blackmail to tell someone that their boyfriend is cheating?

No. Blackmail would be if you went to the boyfriend and threatened to tell on him unless he paid you something.

How do you get a guy to break up with his girlfriend?

You tell him that his girl friend is cheating on him with your ex and tell her that her boyfriend is cheating on her with your bestfriend. That will absolutely work out.

How do you tell if your boyfriend is cheating on you if he doesnt live with you?

Trust... and if you don't have it, then you can't really tell.

What should i do if i found out that my best friends boyfriend is cheating on her?

You should tell your friend that he is cheating its best that she knows.

How can you tell your boyfriend is cheating on you?

Well he might make excuses to not hang out with you..

How do you tell if your best friend and your boyfriend are cheating?

Ask them!!! And if you are wondering they probably are.

How can you tell if your boyfriend who lives far away from you is cheating on you?

There is no way for sure that you will ever know if your boyfriend is cheating or not. You either trust someone or you don't. Even if you asked him he may not tell the truth or, he may well be loyal to you.

How do you know if your boyfriend is cheating you?

you don't. but if he is nice to tell you your Lucky. and you can make him jellos

Can you fire your bridesmaid for cheating on her boyfriend?

You can just tell her if you don't want her to be anymore.

What can you say to make your boyfriend confess to cheating on you?

Lie and tell him you cheated on him... he'll tell you just to get even with you.

How do you tell your boyfriend you've been cheating in him?

Just tell him everything.. and hopefully he will understand and appreciate that you told him.

How can you tell your boyfriend is not cheating on you?

If your always talkin to im on the phone , always with him, or if when u ask him a question about cheating, if he answers straight up with no hesitation then hes not cheating

What if you are cheating on your boyfriend?

No offense to whoever asked this question but this is the truth. You can keep cheating on him, or you can be a woman about it and tell him. If you are a woman tell him. You never know he may give you a second chance.

When you know your boyfriend is cheating on you with girl you know what should you do?

You should tell the other girl and both break up with your boyfriend.

How can you find out if your boyfriend is cheating?

you can tell if your boyfriend is cheating if he is not spending time with you. i don't mean when he is not working. if all falls just ask are you cheating, of course you know that he may not tell the truth. there are many sign to a cheating man. some woman don't like to face the facts that he is cheating in your face. if you believe in your heart that something is going on there is. make surprise visit on lunch or at his home.

What to do if you think your boyfriend is cheating on you?

I think you should stalk him (not really) talk to him tell him how you feel.

What do you do when you find out your boyfriend is cheating on you with a guy?

You need to comfront him about it and tell him your feelings. Good Luck!

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