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whats the difference.? once they give you two lies. dump him .don't let him get to 3. I was with a pathological liar and a scum bag. they never stop lying . I wasted my life for 6 years.

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slime ball light? what secret achievement?

You don't , when you kill slides they drop slime balls

If someone is a slime ball liar, it's best to stay away from them. You do not want to associate with someone like this, as it can affect yourself.

Snookered by the black ball basically

To make a lead, you need 4 string and a slime ball. String placed: upper left, upper middle, center left, lower right. Slime ball: center middle. This will craft 2 leads

Slime balls are only dropped from slimes. Slimes are green, gelatinous and very rare cubes, found far below the ground level.

fill a balloon with flour or slime in my opinion flour works best

Yes. Slime ball, enderpearl, eye of the ender... but you can`t place any of them.

A soaking tennis ball won't bounce high because it has become water-logged

if there's grass on the field play ball

A batted ball is a pitched ball that makes contact with the batter's bat, whether intentional or not. A batted ball can be fair or foul.

It depends on whether you are playing field, ice or indoor hockey, on what surface, whether the ball/puck is skipping or rolling/sliding and many other things.

hmmm im not sure whether dragon ball and dragon ball AF are the same thing but if they are then yup

yeah. one time I was playing 2 player and I bounce the ball, move back a little, jumped up, waited, and then hit it! my oponment hit the ball back without jumping! then I accidentally jumped over the ball and it bounced right under me!!

Depends on the kind of ball- and whether you mean the size of the ball, or how high it can go in flight. A basketball is large than a golf ball.

The person that made the golf ball move, whether from a golf club or throwing it.

Depends on the brand of ball, and whether it's labeled as 'soft' or 'super long'.

It just means that you get the ball whether from a pass from a teammate or you take it from the opposing team.

if there's grass on the field, play ball

The location of the fielder's body has no bearing on whether a ball is fair or foul. It is the location of the ball when it is touched by the fielder or when it goes by the base that determines whether it is fair or foul.

It is pure luck and you cant decide whether or not you win a ball game :S

It's the same name, whether it's pool, snooker or billiards.... The Cue-ball

at a foot ball game. a lot of cute boys are athletes at a foot ball game. a lot of cute boys are athletes