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Unfortunately, the question is far too vague to answer. Do we assume that all 12 spheres are unique and have different weights? Are we to determine the lightest of the 12 or the heaviest -- or both? If all 12 spheres are of different weights, it would take numerous comparisons to isolate the lightest or heaviest ball. If, however, there are 11 identical spheres and one bogus sphere, we could then isolate the counterfeit orb in just three comparisons with just one scale! And we could determine whether it's lighter or heavier than the others!!! I have an elaborate proof of the restated problem, but it is rather complex and difficult to follow without a flowchart. I will post the text of the procedure here if anyone expresses an interest.

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What part of a fish is the heaviest?

The heaviest part of the fish is the scales.

What is the 2nd heaviest land animal?

The hippo is the 2nd heaviest land animal. It tips the scales at 8,000lbs.

What instrument is used to find weight?

ScaleBalanceScales and balances.a spring balanceScales are very good at that job.Weighing scales

How do you say scales in french as is in scales of a fish?

balance its true

How do you say balance in french?

équilibre In french, the word "balance" is for scales

Instrument to find mass?

triple beam balance and an electronic balance

Who invented the modern digital scales?

Actually it is called a balance - scales are in music and on fish.

A balance that measures weight?

Such a manual device is commonly known as scales.

What instrument measures the mass of a marble?

A balance of pair of scales.

What is a thing symbolizing justice?

balance scales

What things symbolizes justice?

balance scales

When were balance scales invented?

4000 BC ;)

How do you measuer weight?

Usually with a scales or a balance

Who was the fatest sumo alive?

Konishiki Yasokichi was the heaviest on record. He topped the scales at 264 kg.

What are 4 science equipment used to measure?

scales measuring balance triple beam balance electronic balance

Which one is more precise between beam balance and electronic balance?

I think balance scales are more precise.

What is an instrument for measuring mass?

Scales - depending on the size of the mass maybe 'balance scales' or 'bathroom scales' or 'kitchen scales'. Mass is the proper scientific word for 'weight'

How to measure mass?

by using a balance or weighing scales

What zodiacal sign is represented by the balance or scales?


What part of a weather station in a school?

balance scales

What are weighing scales used for in the lab?

analytical balance

What tool do you use to find weight?

A balance or scales.

What does sterling silver hallmarks scale balance and bell mean?

what balance scales mean on silver

What is a balance scale used for?

Balance scales are used for comparing the mass of any two objects.

What are three different types of scales?

Balance, spring, inertial.

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