CV Joints

How can you tell which one of your CV joints is going bad?

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2008-09-21 23:08:50

IN REVERSE, drive in a circle and listen for the clicking. CHECK

YOUR REARVIEW FIRST. you won't mistake which side its on, the

drivers side will be louder than the passenger side for obvious

reasons. best practice is, if you have 1 bad CV Joint, change them

both (R+L) if you have bad inner and outer joints, change the

entire shafts on both sides. an inner shaft is easy to check, look

at the boot and feel the grease. if the grease is gritty or dirty,

the joint is compromised and will fail in a short time. the inners

aren't as likely as the outers to fail as they aren't under the

direct stresses of sharp turning angles as the outers.

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