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see link below

"Can you have a paternity test while you are pregnant?"


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see link below "Can you have a paternity test while you are pregnant?"

Answer Go to any pharmacy and buy a paternity test kit, why tell the guy if you don't have to.

The sounds they measure and listen to when doing a transvaginal ultrasound and tell you you are not pregnant are ultrasounds.

You can not tell paternity by blood type. You can rule out paternity by blood type. For example, if both parents are O negative and the baby is type A positive, you can rule out paternity. The only way to determine paternity is by a DNA test. A few of the baby's hairs and the father's hairs can be sent to a lab. The lab can determine paternity.

Its really easy to tell, are your nipples real brown?

ask them? * Unless the male is positive he is involved in a monogamous relationship, the only way to be certain is through paternity testing after the child is born.

A paternity test after the baby is born

Hello. You can tell if you are pregnant by doing a pregnancy test or having a blood test. If you dont have your period and are usually regular and have had sex recently, then this could be pregnancy related.

You can not reliably tell if you are pregnant without a pregnancy test. If you feel you may be pregnant you should take a home pregnancy test and/or see a Dr.

No, a pap smear does not detect pregnancy.

Without doing a safety inspection we can not tell you.

Hello. You can only tell if your pregnant by doing a pregnancy test or by having a blood test. It is possible to find out if your pregnant 5 days after conception has taken place by having a Quantitative blood test.

count the days back on a calendar if you have trouble doing it in your head.

There is no point in doing a pelvic exam at 5 weeks. A sonogram will show if you are pregnant.

You will suffer from morning sickness , and have nausea.

Yes! By doing a blood test, a doctor can tell your pregnant 2 days after conception, which would happen about 6-10 days after unprotected sex.

First: Tell me how to DO pregant? And second, if you want a stillborn, go for it.

a) to show off b) to tell you he's doing fine without you

That means you do it without having knowledge of you actually doing it. You can't tell because your subconscious is doing it, meaning you don't know you are doing it.

There is really no way to tell for sure unless you take a home test or one at the doctors. If you think you're pregnant, you should take a test.

You can tell when your pregnant by getting a feeling in your stomach.

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