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You can tell who your baby's father is by getting a DNA test done.

This is really a sad question, I am sure this is tearing you apart.

You will need to do a DNA on the child immediately after its delivery. You don't want to wait too long, imagine trying to explain to your child that you had slept with different men and don't know who the father is!! What type of example are you setting for your child.

This child needs to know as soon as its born, so does the Father. He needs to take responsibility for this child and so do you

That was really understanding of you, the person who wrote about what an example this person would be making to their child. I say, look back on the men you were around and talk to them and ask if anything happened(if you don't remember for some reason), if you know who you have had intercourse with, get a DNA test done. Either way, get a DNA test done, lady. Best of luck to you.

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Q: How can you tell who is your baby's father?
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