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A home pregnancy test can tell you if you're pregnant. Take a test no sooner than 10 days after sex.

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Q: How can you tell you have got pregnant after taking birth control?
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Can a doctor tell if you got pregnant by stopping birth control?

No, there's no way to tell whether a woman was taking birth control when she got pregnant (unless she is pregnant with the implant or IUD).

How do you tell if your birth control fails?

You get pregnant.

How can you tell if you are pregnant on birth control?

doctors should tell you

How can you tell if your birth control is not strong enough?

you'll get pregnant?

Im on the implanon birth control how can i tell if im pregnant if im bleeding everyday because of it?

You can tell if you're pregnant by taking a pregnancy test. The implant does not affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test. Pregnancy is rare on the implant.

Your mom wont tell your doctor that you take birth control pills and now they have put you on very strong anti biotics How can you convince her to tell them?

well while taking anti biotics it makes birth contol pills not work you could get pregnant if you are having unprotective sex so you might want to tell her that and maybe she will wanna tell the doctor than that you are taking birth control pills

I am definetly pregnant but I haven't had a period due to birth-control How can I tell how far I am?

First of all, you shouldn't be taking birth control while you are pregnant. Stop immediately if you still are taking the pill. You can tell how far along you are by A) your first ultrasound or B) the first day of your last period (before pregnancy) is considered week one (even though you are not technically pregnant at this point) so by the time you actually conceive, you should be about two weeks along.

If you secretly stop taking birth control is it possible for the doctor to understand this?

A lot of women stop taking birth control without informing their Doctor. However when you do see your Doctor again its advisable you tell him/her that you're no longer taking birth control to your medical record can be updated accurately.

How do doctors know if you are on birth control?

Doctors will know that you are on birth control when you tell them. It is wise to tell your doctor that you are birth control, as it is wise to tell them that you are taking any other medications as well. By telling your doctor that you are on birth control it will help when you need treatment or need to take any other medications such as antibiotics(penicillin, amoxicillin), because there are medications that can lower the effectiveness of your birth control.

I missed my period so I stop taking loestrin birth control pills?

The instructions that come with your birth control usually tell you not to stop taking the pill. However, you could still be pregnant. You should take a pregnancy test or call your doctor for a pregnancy test just to make sure you are not pregnant. If you do not take your pill at the same time everyday or misses doses, you may be pregnant. Either way, you should call your doctor.

How long it will take to get pregnant after being on birth control?

Until you get pregnant. There's no way to tell. It's different from one woman to another.

Can you get pregnant if you just started taking birth control and missed taking it the first day and took two the next day then had sex the next day and the condom broke?

YES! Birth control does not kick in immediately, which is why they tell you to use condoms anyways at least for the first two weeks(You should really always use both).

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