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How can you tell your 12 year old sister is attracted to a 14 year old boy that is way more mature than she?

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2007-07-09 19:54:09

14 year olds are not all that experienced either. They could be

just friends. Here are some signs:

  • If he's hanging around a lot, watch her face and her body

    language. This will tell you volumes.

  • If he's phoning her all the time or she spends a lot of time on

    the phone with him, IMing each other or emailing each other all the


  • If she's letting her school work go and getting poorer grades

    and isn't studying for tests.

  • If she's moody, secretive and isn't her usual self.
  • Sneaking out of the house
  • Coming home late when she was asked to come at a certain


  • Cheeky with your parents

These are but a few signs. As I said they simply could be good

friends. It's wonderful you are protecting your sister, so take

time out for the two of you and don't accuse her, but ask her how

she feels about this young man and go from there. Make sure she

knows all about sex and about sexually transmitted diseases. Your

sister may or may not listen to you, but you have at least tried.

Good luck

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