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14 year olds are not all that experienced either. They could be just friends. Here are some signs:

  • If he's hanging around a lot, watch her face and her body language. This will tell you volumes.
  • If he's phoning her all the time or she spends a lot of time on the phone with him, IMing each other or emailing each other all the time.
  • If she's letting her school work go and getting poorer grades and isn't studying for tests.
  • If she's moody, secretive and isn't her usual self.
  • Sneaking out of the house
  • Coming home late when she was asked to come at a certain time.
  • Cheeky with your parents
These are but a few signs. As I said they simply could be good friends. It's wonderful you are protecting your sister, so take time out for the two of you and don't accuse her, but ask her how she feels about this young man and go from there. Make sure she knows all about sex and about sexually transmitted diseases. Your sister may or may not listen to you, but you have at least tried. Good luck
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How do you tell someone you love to be mature?

Just be more mature and that person will see your maturity

How can you tell if you are mature?

You can tell that you are mature when you start to be independant and responsible

I am 16 and attracted to my beautiful 13 year old sister please tell you is this wrong and should I make any moves?

Yes it is wrong. You are probably not attracted to her, but to her personality and/ or looks. Do not make any moves.

What should you do if a guy is attracted to you but you are not attracted to him?

Tell him how you feel. If he doesn't believe you or continues trying, then tell him again in stronger and more certain terms. If he keeps going after that, then you may need to get authorities involved.

How can you tell a friend that she Is right?

Admit that you didn't know that in a mature voice and if the friend starts bragging or something comment on how you thought she was more mature than that.

How can you tell if your boyfriend is attracted to your friend?

If he is having sex with her he is probably attracted to her.

Does your mom love your little sister more?

* Most mothers love all their children the same. You sister is younger than you and therefore needs more care than you do, but this doesn't mean your mother loves you any less. You may be more mature and independent, but your sister isn't and your mother is trying to guide her through life. If this concerns you then have a talk with your mother and tell her how you feel. Once this is brought to your mother's attention I am sure she will explain things to you and be more aware of how you feel.

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You love this boy and he loves your sister?

if your sister likes him then you need to have a well thought out talk with her. she is your sister she will understand. but if your sister does not like the boy tell your sister to just avoid him and that way you can talk to him more.

How do you tell someone you are attracted to her?

you love her

How to know if a guy likes you like a little sister or more?

The best way to tell if a guy likes you as more than a little sister is to just ask him!

How can you tell if a conch is mature?


How can you tell if a girl has her period?

Externally, you cannot tell. they will most likely look more mature, smaller girls ususally don't get their periods as soon.

How do you stop your sister from favoring one of your children more than the other?

If you and your sister are close, talk to her about it. Tell her how important it is to you. She should understand.

What is black and white and only time will tell?

i want to tell my sister jokes so she can laugh so i can be more better then my brother and then revenge is mine so i need some jokes to tell my sister and the answers to the joke

How do you tell if you're lesbian?

You can tell if you are a lesbian if you are attracted exclusively to other women.

Is a black chick a boy?

no the color of the chick only tells the breed. i can tell you that if you have more than one chick the roosters in the flock will mature faster and that is how you can tell the gender

How do you know if a gay man fancies a woman?

A man who identifies as gay is attracted exclusively to other males. He would not be attracted to a female. It is also impossible to tell for sure if somebody is attracted to someone else unless they tell you.

How do you tell when a man is attracted to you?

just try to talk with him. If he is nervos to talk to u.Then get confirmed that he is attracted to u.............

I f you tell someone your spiritually attracted are you saying they are ugly?

No I think you are saying that you are attracted to them on a spiritual level, attracted to their being. It has nothing to do with their physical appearance.

How will you tell if your boyfriends are gay?

If they have sex with or are attracted to men. . .

How do you tell a Indian woman is attracted to you?

go out with her friend

Can you tell when guys are gay and if they are attracted to you?

when they ask a girl out

What is one supposed to do if one likes a girl for whom he has sisterly feelings for earlier?

Tell her that you like her more then a sister..tell her that u wanna be with her

How does a man tell another man he is attracted to him?

Do whatever makes you happy and just tell him