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Just sit her parents down and tell them that you love her and you would like to have their permission to have her hand in marriage. If the dad says no, then ask him why he said no. Good luck and God Bless:)

2006-09-05 01:42:25
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What does George Sampson's girlfriend look like?

He Doesnt Have a GirlFriends . . :)

How does Juliet feel about Paris?

doesnt really like him. doesnt want to marry him

What do you do if your girlfriends parents don't like you?

try to impress them but never break up with that girl because her parents dont like you

How do you know if your girlfriends parents like you?

Ask the girlfriend. Conversation is key

You ask a woman to marry you and she says maybe?

well that doesnt mean she doesnt she doesnt like you...she may just not be ready for commitment yet you shouldn't rush these kinds of things...

What is parent schema?

it means tht ur parents doesnt like you

Can a boyfriend not like his girlfriends guy friends if he doesnt know them he is 20 and she is 16?

He's using her for sex. Tell them to break up.

Why don't johnny like his parents from the outsiders?

he doesnt like them because they don't care about him and they abuse him

How and why were people married in ancient Egypt?

Most people in Egypt are Muslims so they marry whoever their parents choose. But if the one who is getting marries doesnt like the other person then they dont have to. So its an arranged marriage.

How can you tell if she doesnt like you anymore?

text message shortened. blunt expression. laughing with her girlfriends and glancing at u. avoiding eye contact.

What does it mean if your girlfriends forgets what her boyfriend looks like?

it means she forgot and i have done that before it really doesnt mean nothing she just forgot!

What do you do when you hate your parents boyfriend?

Don't do anythign because you will have or had boyfriends/ or girlfriends that they won't like and you pray that they would not do anything.

What should you do if your Girlfriends Mom doesnt like you She said she doesnt like you 16 years old dating her daughter who is 14 years old?

you should stay whit-in the dating if they are under age keep it a one year difference in age

Should you marry a guy your parents don't like?

ONly you can decide who you want to marry. If he's the right man for you go for it!

How do kids get girlfriends?

they be cool and get there attention then the kiss and they like it then they have a girlfriends

How are juliet's beliefs about love and marriage different from her parents'?

well, i think that Juliet's parents beliefs were that their daughters wedding or marriage was to be arrange by the parents. but i think Juliet's beliefs were that she wanted to marry the person she wanted to marry. and even if she didn't like the man she wasn't going to marry him because she thought it was her choice

What should you do if you're not sure if your girlfriends parents like you?

Ask her to invite you over. You will soon find out, either by what she says (no not yet) or by what they say when you get there. If she loves you she will prepare her parents telling them you are coming over. Parents are normally ok about this.

Why do some boyfriends beat their girlfriends?

Sometimes they blackmail there girlfriends to stay with themor they like bashing there girlfriends up.

How you will react if someone says 'I love you'?

I don't know how you will react. But in my opinion, If someone says 'I love you', i will ignore him. My parents will decide who will i marry ? It's their wish. If i'm in love with anyone, i will say to my parents. If my parents didn't like him. I won't marry him.

What do you have to do to marry an American you are Jamaica?

Well for starters, you have to really have feelings for them, like truly love them. Then you can get married, doesnt matter where or how, but it has to be legal.

Why don't girls like there boyfriends x-girlfriends?


How do you convince parents et you marry your boyfriend?

Convince them that he is the ONE for you. If your parents think he is not protective then act like you are gonna get hurt and make him "save" you in frount of your parents. -Ashlee17

How do you tell her parents that you want to marry her when your girl is afraid that her parents will reject you?

First, ask her to marry her! If you feel like you aren't confident enough to support a family, or if you don't have enough money, then they will most likely reject you.

How can you adopt your girlfriends daughter?

You have to be married, have both biological parents consent and if the child is a bit older like 10 you will also need her consent.

Why is it that when you rub your girlfriends pussy she doesnt like it and says its a turn off?

if you havent had sex yet then that could be a sign of her not being ready yet, or it just doesnt feel good to her, all woman have a spot were they like it ;) just ask her to put your hand were she wants it, dont be afraid to ask.