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you dont. you migrate from emerald to platinum.

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Q: How can you trade Pokemon from emerald to platinum?
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Can you trade from Pokemon from emerald to Pokemon Platinum?


Can you trade Pokemon from emerald to platinum?

no, but you can migate

Can you trade Pokemon from platinum to emerald on the droid?


Can you trade Pokemon from Platinum To Emerald?

u can transfer.

Will Pokemon platinum let you trade Pokemon from emerald version to platinum before obtaining the national pokedex?


How do you get ryqauza in Pokemon Platinum?

You'll have to trade it from Pokemon emerald or get the national pokedex on pk platinum and cause it to migrate from the emerald game pack. I did so.

How do you transfer Pokemon from emerald to platinum?

One can trade Pokemon from Emerald to Platinum using the Pal Park feature in Pokemon Platinum. The Pal Park feature becomes available after completing the Elite Four in Pokemon Platinum. Subsequently, players can transfer Pokemon from Emerald to Platinum via the Pal Park.

If you put a Pokemon emerald game in a ds and a Pokemon platinum game in another ds can the accounts in each game battle or trade?

No. But if you put Emerald and Platinum in the same DS you can migrate pokémon from Emerald to Platinum.

How do you get Rayquaza on Pokemon platinum?

You can only get it by migrating from emerald or trade from soulsilver or heartgold.

Who is in Syria and will trade a Pokemon Platinum virsion for Emerald?

first of all talk ENGLISH. and ya emerald can trade with pearl....kinda in a way....

Can you trade Pokemon from Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time to Pokemon emerald?

no you can not...but you can trade heart gold and soul silver Pokemon to diamond pearl and platinum

Where can you catch a duskull on Pokemon pearl?

Migrate from Ruby (or Sapphire/Emerald) or trade with Platinum

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