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How can you train to try out for major league soccer?


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To be a soccer coach you need to go to the league foundation and try for any team you want in that league but first you need to work hard for that and train well. By-David Navarrete

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Major League Soccer, or MLS, is the professional soccer league in the United States. As such, only the highest caliber players will play for teams in this league. For someone to play in the MLS, they generally must play for years, starting at a young age, and be quite talented. They will usually play for junior and reserve competitive teams, sometimes affiliated with (but separate from) professional clubs, and hopefully be selected to move up. Many great players never get the chance to play for a professional team, but all of the players who don't try will fail!

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to become a player you have to be drafted by a major league team which requires highschool and/or college play. Major league teams will send scouts out to see you and if they like your performace they will try to contact you and try to draft you.

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You sould try to get into a difficult league, the harder the league, the more notice you will recieve.

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