How can you transfer 8mm movies to DVD?


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by scanning of recording the film on a camcorder and digitalizing the tape

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You can transfer 8mm tape to DVD by buying a DVD transferring machine. Most DVD Transferring machines are not that expensive such as the Blu-ray player.

Convert the iPod's movies to the proper format, and burn to the DVD.

There are several different websites that offer this service. I found one that charges $8.99 ea. here:

You can either send your tape off to an archival company to transfer it for you, or you can follow the directions listed here

by scanning of recording the film on a camcorder and digitalizing the tape

You can check out the photo 60 services. They have given all sorts of HQ digital printing solutions.I had been there for my portrait last month, they provide numerous services based on quality picture to DVD quality videos, you can even convert the 8 mm & 16 mm films into DVD's.8mm film has a tendency to degrade over time, and can be lost forever, no matter what precautions you take. The actual process of converting 8mm film to DVD is not nearly as hard as one would assume and thus, I recommend you to hire up a professional help.Photo- scanning services, Photo restoration, passport photographs are few of the features that Photo-60 takes care of. Transferring 8mm film to DVD, transfer home movies to DVD, 16mm to DVD, 8mm movies to DVD, etc.• 30min Digital Printing• Enlargements/Poster Prints• 120/220 Printing/Scanning• Film/Slide Archiving to DVD• Prints from Slides• Custom DVD Slide Show• Movie Film/VHS to DVD• Photo Restoration• Passport Photos• Portraits

an DVD with images shot on 8mm shouldn't give a problem in an mac

You have to burn your movies onto a DVD. Make sure you prepare a DVD and a DVD creator like Leawo DVD creator. See the related link for a related video.

by scanning of filming the 8mm and digitalizing the tape

I don't believe there is one machine that can do all you describe bu there are devices that can be used in conjunction with a computer. Check Hammacker Schlemer catalog. Search Slide to DVD Machine. Search online for a video capture card for the 8mm and VHS videos. Or Use a transfer service, rates have come down a lot and they will have the best equipment. I'm not sure about slides but for 8mm movies and VHS tapes check out StashSpace.Com, it's only $7 a tape and they did a great job with my stuff. You can get your content back on DVD right away or use their online editor to make personalizations.

There are 3 ways to convert 8mm film to DVD here is a brilliant link which show's the pro's cons of below 1. Cheapest - Project the film against a wall and camcorder off. Then connect the camcorder to a PC. Then get the PC to burn a DVD 2. Most Expensive: Send your film to a Telecine company 3. Best send your film to a Cine to DVD transfer company

Yes, using the VCR portion of the DVD/VCR combo and a product such as ADS DVD Xpress or Pinnacle DVC90 to transfer old home movies from the VHS tape to a computer.

There are now VCR's that will copy a VCR to a DVD, and will also record TV programs to either the VCR or DVD, depending on which one you set it to record to. But these VCR/DVD recorders are a great way to transfer your VCR's to DVD to save and preserve them. You could also use an DVD creator to convert many popular formats into DVD movies and create DVD folders.

scan it of film it and digitalize the tape

Yes it is. Check the phone book for your area under 'video productions' or 'video editing.' That should lead you to someone to help. Also check out online 8mm film transfer services. StashSpace.Com is a good one and has a calculator you can use to see how much the film transfer would cost.

You can transfer photos from your computer to a DVD by using the DVD drive.

There are companies that can convert 8mm to dvd for a fee. Cost starts at about $8 for 50 feet of film and goes up with the length to be converted. Just8mm is a company that offers this service.

How do you get a licence to sell DVD movies?

Movies are on DVD and you can not play DVD on PS1

Movies and DVD were invented because they wanted to entertain people.

There are currently two Twilight Movies out on DVD, as of June 2010. The two DVD movies are Twilight and The Twilight Saga: New Moon.


by scanning of recording the film on a camcorder and digitalizing the tape

In order to copy rented DVD movies, you should have the following things: a computer with a DVD burner, a DVD copy software and a DVD protection remover. You would copy rented DVD movies by first executing the protection onto the DVD, then by using the DVD burner with the DVD copy software to rip the DVD onto your PC.

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