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All I had to do on my Nokia phone was go to my contact list, go to options, then select copy, from phone t SIM, then either one by one or all.

They might not all copy at once so you might have to do it multiple times!

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Q: How can you transfer a contact list saved to a nokia phone to the phones sim card?
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How can you transfer a contact list saved to a nokia e72 phone to the phones sim?

You can transfer a contact list saved to a nokia e72 phone to the phone's sim card by downloading the contact list to an external SIM card first and then entering it into the nokia.

How can you transfer a contact list saved to a Nokia phone to another Nokia phones?

buy using bluetooth

How do you transfer contacts from blackberry to Nokia E51?

If you take your phone into the store, they can transfer all contacts over. They have a system that connects the two phones for contact transfer.

How do I Transfer nokia sim card to razr v3?

If both the phones are GSM mobile phones, you can just open the Nokia phone (typically SIM card is under the battery, so you need to open the battery compartment), take out the SIM card and put it in the Razr phone. If you are just interested in transferring contact details and not your phone number, you can transfer data through Bluetooth. - Neeraj Sharma

What is some information about O2 Nokia phones?

There are many places where one could find more information about 02 Nokia phones. The best place to learn about the 02 Nokia phone would be to contact Nokia directly.

Where can one purchase a Nokia mobile phone?

A Nokia mobile phone can be purchased at a few different places. Phone retailers such as Verizon or T Mobile offer phones Nokia phones. Walmart and Target also has Nokia phones for purchase.

Who do you contact for service if you have a problem with your Nokia 6020 model?

The phones EEPROM has a problem the phone must be "Flashed" reprogrammed, take the phone to any Nokia authorized service centre and they will flash it.

How to transfer phone contacts to pc from nokia c301?

To transfer phone contacts to PC from Nokia C301 you need the Nokia PC suite that will help you transfer the contacts.

Are Nokia lumias good phones?

Undoubtedly, all models of Nokia Lumia phone are good phones.

How to Transfer contacts in Nokia phone to new Nokia phone?

You have 2 take out the memory card out of the old phone nokia 2 transfer 2 the new one!-ur welcum!! :-)

How do you save messages to Sim card of Nokia 2600?

There is no way to transfer messages to sim card unless your nokia phone is not a high end. That is the problem with the nokia phones, they do not support such feature unlike in sony ericsson. The only way you can transfer a message is thru PC suite but you CANNOT transfer/move messages to sim card

Is Nokia 500 an android phone?

No. Nokia does not offer Android phones.

When Nokia phones came in India?

when Nokia phone came in India

Where can one go to find out about the different styles of Nokia Phones ?

One can go to many places to find out about the different styles of Nokia Phones. One can go to a phone store where they have all Nokia Phones. One can also go on Nokia site to find everything about Nokia phones.

how much memory is in a nokia phone?

It depends on the type of nokia phone that you have. Most nokia phones has a microSD card slot so you can add more memory to your phone.

Is Nokia 5300 good?

I think Nokia 5300 is a great phone I know because I have one. And lots of phones broke a lot but Nokia phones don't.

Where can I learn about and read reviews of Nokia phones?

To purchase a Nokia phone, go to your local AT&T cell phone store and see displays of Nokia phones and their features. You are able to read reviews of the phones and their features by searching online, or discussing with the sales representative.

What is the technical model of the nokia n97?

The Nokia N97 is smart phone type of cell phone sold by Nokia. Nokia is a Finnish cell phone manufacture and the N97 is one of their better selling phones.

Are Nokia cell phones good value compared to other brands in reliability?

Although Nokia phones lack some of the most advanced features that other companies offer nowadays, they make up for it with reliability. Nokia phones are some of the most reliable phones out there, especially if your main reason to have a phone, is to make phone calls.

What are the 3 best phones?

samsung,my phone,and nokia

Is Nokia Asha 501 an Android phone?

No. The Nokia Asha 501 is a feature phone. Feature phones do not support the android OS.

Where can i order some nokia 3220 phones for my business?

You can order some nokia 3220 phones on Ebay. New phones are going for $65.00, while used phones are going for $35 an up. You can also purchase a nokia 3220 phone at for $74.00.

How can you break your security code of your phone nokia 6100?

how can break security password of nokia phones

How do you transfer contact list of Nokia 6300 to Samsung Galaxy Y S5360?

Transferring contact lists from the Nokia 6300 to the Samsung Galaxy Y S5360, can be done with transferring the SIM card. A second way is to download the data from one phone to the other using a transfer application which is available through Google.

How do you transfer phone book from old Nokia to new Nokia?

one phone number at a time. HA HA

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How can you transfer a contact list saved to a nokia e72 phone to the phones sim?

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