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You can't. At least not on the same passport. You should have asked the Israeli officials to put the stamp on a small slip of paper you would have carried in your passport.

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Can you get into turkey with a israeli passport stamp in your passport?

Turkey has full diplomatic relations with Israel and has no problem with people having an Israeli visa or entry stamp in their passport.

Can you travel to Cuba with Israeli passport?

No. Cuba does not recognize the State of Israel.

Can an American get dual citizenship with Israel?

If you are Jewish and have moved or want to move to Israel through Aliyah, you can retain your US citizenship. If you are no Jewish and want to obtain Israeli citizenship by naturalization, you have to give up your American citizenship. * People who make Aliyah to Israel, are automatically granted full Israeli citizenship after residing there for one year. During that one year, they hold on to your American passport and give you an Israeli travel document (red coloured as oppose to the regular, blue coloured, national passport.)

How do you order a israeli passport?

I'm pretty sure you have to be a citizen of Israel first.

Can a British passport holder transit Qatar with an Israeli stamp in their passport?

Yes. Israel and Qatar have diplomatic relations.

Can you travel from Canada to Israel with your temporary Israeli passport?

As far as I know, any Israeli citizen is allowed to enter the country. If you can prove your identity, you will not have a problem entering Israel with or without a passport. Once you enter the country, I would get your passport renewed, you may need it to leave the country. Marc As far as I know, any Israeli citizen is allowed to enter the country. If you can prove your identity, you will not have a problem entering Israel with or without a passport. Once you enter the country, I would get your passport renewed, you may need it to leave the country. Marc

If you are an Israeli citizen living in America Do your kids automatically become Israeli citizen and if yes do the have to have an Israeli passport to go to israel?

Are you not familiar with the Law of Return? All Jews have an automatic right to immigrate to Israel and to be Israeli citizens. That is the fundamental reason for the existence of Israel, to provide refuge for all the Jews of the world.

Do Indians require visa for Israel?

Yes Indians require VISA for Israel. I recently got the Israeli VISA stamped on my Passport (Indian).

How long does it take to renew an expired Israeli passport in Israel?

According to the site of the Israeli Ministry of Interior (in the related links), it can take up to seven business days to send a renewed Israeli passport via registered mail. Please see the related link for procedure details.

Can an Indian passport holder visit uae after visiting israel?

I think no as UAE do not welcome the passports stamped by Israeli officials.

What is the proper adjective for Israel?

Someone from Israel is called an "Israeli".

Can Jews travel to Abu dhabi?

Yes, although they may not travel on an Israeli passport, the UAE as most Arab nations does not recogonise the governement state of Israel. The same applies to anyone visiting who may have an Israeli entry or exit stamp in their passport.

Can you travel to Israel and get married to an Israeli non Jew if you are a non Jew American?


Is it true that if you have been to Israel you cannot be let in to an Arab country?

Yes, and No. Several Arab and North African countries do not consider Israel a legitimate state, and therefore have no diplomatic relationship with it. Those countries that have no diplomatic relations with Israel will, in some cases, reject a passport that contains an Israeli Visa. (A Visa being the stamp given upon arrival, or any other official document or stamp given by Israeli passport officials.) Israel, recognizing this, allows the option of stamping a loose-leaf insert to the passport that can be removed before travel to a state that does not recognize Israel. (It is worth noting, however, that Arab border police at crossings with Israel are not as kind. Most Arab countries that ban Israeli stamps will also deny entry to someone who crossed at an Israeli crossing like Taba or Wadi Arabah with only the Arab stamp.)

Do you have to have your American passport stamped when traveling to Israel?

travel to israelI traveled to Israel a few times in the 90's. When you get to passport control at the airport or broader you can ask they stamp a peace of paper that you had to keep with your passport rather that stamping it. I just cant remember the name of it.

What kind of fashion Israel have?

the Israeli fashion is influenced by the Europeans and American fashion.. well the winter fashion in Israel and Europe is abit different because the weather is not that cold in Israel. but you can find Israel most of the famous brands that there are in Europe and America! Israeli fashion is totally a western one!

Do Jewish Americans hold dual Israeli and American citizenship?

Of those living long-term in Israel, many do, including myself.However, the majority of Jewish-Americans do not hold dual citizenship with Israel. They may enjoy visiting Israel, but as most of them do not spend a lot of time there and would prefer to not be drafted into the Israeli Army, they do not get Israeli citizenship. Jewish-Americans who want to spend an extended time in Israel will often get dual citizenship since it is just easier to travel to Israel and move about Israel with an Israeli ID card.

Where did the Israeli conflict happen?

Ostensibly in Israel, although there is no such thing as the "Israeli Conflict". Israel is involved in several Conflicts, such as the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, the Iranian-Israeli Proxy Wars, etc.

What about Israel?

Is Israeli Good.

What nationalities are from Israel?


Can you enter the US with an Israel stamp in your passport?

Of course you can. You can enter just about any non-Arab country with an Israeli stamp. Even amongst Arab countries (the ones who don't accept Israeli passports) there are maybe 5 that won't grant entry because of an Israeli stamp.

Who controlled the Israeli conflict?

Israel controlled most of the Israeli conflict.

When was Razia Israeli born?

Razia Israeli was born in 1956, in Israel.

What letter on the dreidel is different on an Israeli dreidel?

the Shin (outside of Israel) is instead a Pei (in Israel).

What kind of democracy does Israel have?

Israel has a democracy for Israeli citizens. It is parliamentary. The Palestinians do not have full inclusion in the Israeli state, as I understand.