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That is natural, he violated your trust and it is hard to get back. Time will tell if you made the right decision. Some women try and work through it, others find it too much to handle. No one would blame you for leaving, cheating is a huge mistake and not easily forgivable.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-10 05:11:06
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Q: How can you trust your boyfriend if he cheated on you when you were 4 months pregnant and you went through some rough times and you wound up staying together but now you find yourself questioning him?
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If you're questioning, then you might know the answer but won't admit it to yourself.

What does it mean when you have a dream about you and your boyfriend having a baby together?

This could mean that you still want to have a baby with your boyfriend. Your feelings for him has grown stronger and you can see yourself being a co-parent with him. Hopefully your boyfriend feels the same way about you. Check this out before you decide to become pregnant.

What if your boyfriends best friend likes you?

You have to ask yourself, do you like him back? If you find yourself troubled and questioning your relationship with your boyfriend, now is the time to talk with your boyfriend. The two of you should discuss whether your relationship is fulfilling your current needs; in other words, are the both of you getting everything you want out of your relationship? What is missing? What can be done?If you are troubled but not questioning your relationship with your boyfriend, simply and calmly discuss the current situation with your boyfriend. Be sure not to be accusatory--simply state your observations and ask him what he thinks of the matter. You're not out to break up a friendship.

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If he s ignoring you, it's time to move on and find yourself other boyfriend.

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get yourself something

What is it called when you can get yourself pregnant?

When you cannot get yourself pregnant, it is called infertility.

Could I be pregnant if I was on my period and my boyfriend ejaculated on my chest and then I washed my hands and changed my tampon?

No, obviously you can't get pregnant as a result of this. In order to get pregnant sperm needs to get into your vagina,not on your chest - if you don't know how babies are made then stop doing sexual things with your boyfriend and educate yourself, it's not okay that you don't already know this.

Can a 15 year old pregnant girl move in with her 17 year old boyfriend in Britain?

No she has to be 16 for that. And I doubt you will be able to support yourself at that age.

What if your in a wheelchair how do you get a boyfriend?

Be yourself :)Improvement; I am 20 years old. I am in a wheelchair. I had my first boyfriend when I was 14. I had my daughter when I was 17. My present Partner and I have been together for almost two years now.

What if your boyfriend has colleges asking for him already but you dont want to ruin that by telling him im pregnant?

Your pregnant! Think of yourself right now. You ca't abort the baby, but your boyfriend will have another chance at collage. Get married quickly; make sure he stays with you. If he complains he is no boyfriend, and anyway, it is his fault! Get married and give birth! Forget collage right now, it can wait!

You are bi sexual and you have a bi sexual boyfriend but you dont know how do you kiss him?

how would you like to be kissed? just be yourself. you will figure it out together.

Can a girl get pregnant by touching sperm then touching the virgina?

It is possible, for a woman to inseminate herself by sperm on her fingers. If you don't desire to get pregnant, you should wash your hands before touching yourself, especially if your boyfriend has recently ejaculated on them.

What should you do if your virtual boyfriend dumps you?

go out and get yourself a real boyfriend

How do you stop being jealous with your friends boyfriend?

Get yourself a girlfriend/boyfriend.

I'm 14 and my boyfriend is 16 and I'm pregnant and my parents don't know Im pregnant or dating him what should you do?

You have to get the courage to tell your parents - you are too young to handle this by yourself, is there another adult that you are close to that you could talk to first and then talk to your parents together ? Does your school have a health counsellor you can talk to ? Your parents have to know soon honey and the sooner the better.

How do you get someone you like to be your boyfriend?

-Be yourself.

17 and pregnant can you move with your 22 year old boyfriend?

You are not emancipated automatically when you are pregnant. You have to have parental permission. Being pregnant does not mean one has the ability to take care of yourself. You do have certain rights as to obtaining assistance for you and your child, but you are still the responsibility of your parents until you turn 18.

What do you do if you have a boyfriend but you still like your ex boyfriend?

You Try as much as you can to get over him,commit yourself to your new Boyfriend.

How do you keep yourself busy when your boyfriend is out of town?

Do to yourself what he would normally do to you.

What is the Q in LGBTQ?

Queer which means a person who is homosexual and itโ€™s ok to say it because it isny offensive anymore. You can call me a queer and Iโ€™m ok with other that because I am queer. Questioning which means your questioning yourself if you a lgbtq

How do you overcome being nervous around your boyfriend?

Be yourself, and dont be nervous because hopefully your boyfriend wont care how you act as long as your yourself:)

How do you get a guy to yourself if he has as a girlfriend without hurting the other girl?

It is unlikely that you can take another girl's boyfriend away from her without hurting her. In theory, the way to do it would be to find another guy that this girl will like even more than her current boyfriend whom you wish to have for yourself, and arrange for them to get together. But such manipulations are very difficult to accomplish. You would be better off finding a different boyfriend for yourself, who is available and has no previous commitment.

Can a 16-year-old pregnant girl move out of her parents' house in MS to live with her boyfriend?

Being pregnant as a minor only mean you have the right to decide over the baby and make medical decisions regarding yourself and the baby. It does not emancipate you in any way. You and your boyfriend have to work out with your parents how the visitation will happen.

Songs about cutting yourself or about cutting yourself because of your boyfriend?

Cut By Plumb

Why would a boyfriend make little white lies all the time when you don't believe he is cheating?

because he really is cheating u just want to deni it and you want to believe him but guess are really stupid and idiotic don't watse your time questioning yourself