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Firstly you need to recognize that since you have trust issues and he's still with you, secondly, you trust your boyfriend by letting go of any doubt or any unanswered question and just believing without any second thoughts or worries, remember... trust is alwayz blind so to be able to trust you must be willing, and to be willing to trust you must be capable of getting rid of any second thoughts or doubts, and only give trust when trust is earned... trust is the easiest thing to lose but the hardest thing to gain, and you cannot claim you love someone and it be true if you can't trust them because when u love someone u lose all common sense and all logic and you do everything blindly believing you're with the right person, so if u don't trust them, then very possibly they need to understand your points and you need to understand theirs.

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Q: How can you trust your boyfriend when you have trust issues and are trying to fix this but whenever you get into an argument it comes back up again?
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