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How can you trust your husband again if he has cheated more than once?

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You probably can't without professional help to help you rebuild the trust between you, that's if you want to rebuild it. You need to have boundaries in your relationship that he must know that he cannot cross otherwise he'll lose you. Maybe it would be a good idea to have a break from each other either for good, or if you want the relationship to work get counselling, work through his infidelity and take their advice. Then start again.

2006-08-05 08:57:31
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Is it possible to trust your husband again after he cheated on you?

* It depends on the individual man. If he has cheated more than once then he will cheat again. People are only human and some weaken and cheat, but learn that the grass on the other side of the fence isn't always greener. This is a signal to the man's wife that they have marriage problems and they should seek marriage counseling and learn good communication skills. If your husband cheated once then he's still worth a chance; if it's been more then kick this guy to the curb.

My husband of 15 years cheated twice will he do it again.?

More than likely seeing as how he did it more than once. That's not a mistake, that's habit.

Has my husband cheated on me again?

Once a spouse has cheated it is difficult for the other spouse to trust them again. Often some people who cheat will cheat again. Communication skills are important and you should feel free to ask him if he is cheating again. Most likely he will not tell you the truth, but this gives you the opportunity that you have learned from before the signs of cheating and if you catch him cheating again then it's the end of the marriage.

What percentage of married men leave their wives after finding out that they have been cheating on them?

* There are no known specific statistics regarding the percentage of married men that leave their wives after they found out she has cheated on them. If one's husband/wife has cheated once then the couple should sit down and communicate and get to the root of their problems. People are not 100 percent perfect and can make one bad mistake such as cheating, but for some who cheat, it does not mean they will do it again. If the husband/wife has cheated more than once then it's best to move on. Trust is something that is gained and once someone breaks that trust it takes a long time to regain it; if ever.

If your boyfriend cheated on you is there a chance that he will do it again?

It is more likely than not.

You have cheated your girl but you love her but she is not going to trust you any more what should you do to realize her that you love her and you will not happen again?


What could you do to make your ex boyfriend trust you if he doesn't trust you any more and you're really sorry for what you did and need him to believe you and trust you again?

Look, if you cheated, the trust will not be above an 80% point for years. A relationship really has to have good foundations to keep going if one has cheated. If there is no cheating, then trust shouldn't be a factor and he is being silly. I would say cheating can be considered hanging out with another guy/gal without purposefully communicating it to your partner.

Ways to rebuild trust after your husband's affair?

Use your feelings to determine who you think is trustable (I know. . . it's hard, isn't it?) then trust them. But do not ever trust your husband, again. You really do not have to show more than one time that you are untrustworthy.

How do you return to a healthy relationship after your husband had an affair?

When a husband has had an affair and returns to his marriage he has broken the bond of trust with his spouse and he has to earn that trust back. Seeing a Marriage Counselor is always helpful as well as trying to get away together even if it is just for a weekend so both spouses can reconnect and talk things out. It takes time and patience to learn to trust the spouse that cheated. If the husband has never cheated before and this is his first time then there is hope of the marriage mending, but if he has cheated more than once the wife may have to decide whether to stay in the marriage or not. If children are involved it is not always the best choice 'to stay together for the sake of the children' because the problem of the husband cheating is still there; the wife is suspicious and arguments may break out off and on. Children often feel they are the cause of the breakup.

How can you trust somebody that cheated on you?

People are only human and sometimes a person with a mate may make one mistake and be remorseful and ashamed of having that affair and if so then they know they have broken that bond of trust with their mate and they will have to earn the trust back. If the person who cheated only cheated once then it is possible to give them one more chance, but, if the person has had more than one affair it is time to kick them out of one's life.

How do you trust again after your boyfriend cheated on you?

You don't... sorry, I know it's not what you wanted to hear but if he did it once he'll do it again; except this time he'd know you'll take him back if you did last time. Maybe just find a more decent guy :)

Can your marriage be saved if you detest your husband for cheating?

Your husband betrayed the bond of trust you had in him and hurt you deeply and now he is going to have to earn that trust back only if you want to stay with him and save the marriage. If your husband has cheated on more than one occasion then he is not worth trusting at all, but 'to err is human' and sometimes men from 40 years and up can feel they are getting old and want to recapture their youth or, they are so taken in by another woman being attracted to them. Remind your husband that if you decide on divorce unless he seeks marriage counseling with you and works at earning your trust back you are well aware other men would be attracted to you because often some men who cheat are so into themselves they forget that their wives can attract other men too. However, do it the right way and don't cheat to get even. If you feel you can never trust him again or he has cheated multiple times and you want a divorce then file for one.

How do you gain a friend's trust again?

That friend may never fully trust you again, but over time, they will trust you more if you always be truthful with them and always do what you tell them you will do.

Should a man forgive his boyfriend of 4 years if he cheated on him with a straight friend?

That is more of a personal decision you need to make based on your relationship and if you can recover the trust that was broken when he cheated.

Your husband cheated and had 2 children with his lover Now he wants you back?

dont do it. my ex wife cheated on me and now has more children and wants me back as well. not a hope in hell.

What will you do if your husband cheats?

If your husband cheated on you, you'd either give him another chance for your marriage, or break up with him. If your husband cheats you will have to decide if the marriage is worth saving. In many cases, if a man cheats he will more than likely cheat again and you should move on. If he truly wants to change then you can set up marriage counseling.

He cheated once would he do it again?

Most times yes. I say you should not forgive a cheater. I tried forgiving and it got me cheated on again then i broke up and told her it was over then she begged to have me back and i she respected me more.

Why he doesn't call you again?

because he probley cheated on you or maybe he dont want to talk to you no more

Can you trust a man that cheated on you and said that he would not do it again with out telling you?

Hold on........ The end of the question says more than enough! He won't "do it again without telling you" implies that he will be "doing it" again. Do you want that man? Do you not want someone who will be totally faithful to you? Some people are prepared to enter into such an 'open' arrangement - but they usually regret it as the openness is generally availed of by one partner only. It is not a way to build trust, love and respect.

If your boyfriend always gets defensive when you ask him if he has ever cheated on you or if he ever will does that mean he has cheated on you?

It means he definitely has . He's more likely getting annoyed with your insecurity. If you keep this up, he will cheat on you , or just look for a more mature woman that can trust him.

What do you say to someone who cheated on you?

Say that you will give them 1 more chance if it happens again it's over

What if the wife finds out he cheated once what are the chances of him doing it again?

* This is a risk you are going to have to take. Some men or women will cheat only once and it's called 'human error' and they may never cheat again, while others may keep on cheating during the relationship. Marriage counseling would benefit you and if your husband refuses tell him it's either that or hit the road because he has to realize he has to earn your trust again. Both of you need to communicate more and find out what problems you have in your marriage.

Are bella and edward from twilight still going out?

No Bella cheated with another man so edward has left her and can not trust her any more

How would I gain back the trust of my girl who thinks I cheated on her?

Honesty is the best and easiest way to show her. I mean, all trust has gone out the window and the only way she will trust you again is for you to 100% prove you didn't cheat. Something out there where you would have to be telling the truth. ---- You need to "walk the talk". You need to tell her you're sorry and that you want to earn her trust. More importantly, you need to show her that you're sorry and that you're trustworthy. If necessary, you need to be willing to show her your emails, texts, and cell phone. Remember, if you did cheat, it is possible that she is hurt deeply enough that she might do it to you. ---- You cheated. I've been cheated on and it is not fun. If you cheat on her, she might go and cheat on you.

What do you do when a woman who could likely be vindictive and seek revenge thinks her husband now ex-husband cheated with you and she doesn't believe you?

Her husband has probably cheated on her more than once and any woman who is loyal to their husband and finds out they have cheated is extremely hurt and certainly will become angry, but few seek revenge. If you feel threatened by her and you know her ex then the three of you should meet and you tell her right to her face you had nothing to do with him; get up and tell the two of them to grow up and he should tell her the truth and then walk away (do this in a public place.)