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How can you trust your man if your heart tells you otherwise?


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Ok, so here is the deal; I trust this man. I do, or I'll keep telling myself I do. He has recently made a friend that he knows from work. She is much younger than him, and he tells me that there isn't anything going on. Though I'd like to believe him, I find it hard. I'm not sure if she knows he is in a relationship, and she calls him during the day. She called last night and I checked what her messge said, she left him a song and said "this is for you". the song was like "ill never let you go, you will always be my baby". at the end, she said "i don't know why i did that..bye". maybe she see's there is something, and he hasn't told her he is interested, just hasn't tried to stop it? i don't know. I need some help! I should add that I am a very jealous person. I have a lot of trust issues.. and this man means the world to me. I don't want to loose him.