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Answer 1 The question provides so little information that it's impossible to answer it. One would need to know more about the kind of damage.

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You could start by apologizing... It takes a big person to fess up, and admitt they were wrong. But, the other person forgiving you OR taking you back is not guaranteed, it depends on how much the relationship was damaged.

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You can also take this as an opportunity to reflect on the relationship and whether or not it should be fixed. Was is fulfilling for both parties? Did it cause more stress than it was worth? And most importantly if you are seeking to fix the relationship: What needs to change in order for that to happen?

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Q: How can you try to fix a damaged relationship?
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How do you fix an un happy relationship?

Try not to be a total idiot.

How do you fix my relationship?

Answer First, you have to determine what is wrong in the relationship and then take it from there. Talk to the person that you are in the relationship with and try to work things out.

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not meeting expectations.

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What do you do if you think your relationship is not working out?

Either fix it (try talking out your problems, and listening to your partner's problems) or end it, and move on.

How do you save the broke up relationship?

To save a broke up relationship talk to your partner. Clear all the misunderstandings that are there. This will most probably save the relationship.

How do you fix a screwed relationship?

Well, I guess, that you should have a serious, talk to him/her, about what's wrong ,and see if he/she understands and wants to help fix whats 'screwed up' in the relationship , and try that. But if they really show no interest in the situation and you are, then I don't think that they are worth hanging onto and that you should try once more and if that doesn't work , break off the relationship.

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