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How can you tryout for Harry Potter movies if you live in America and can talk with a british accent?


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you go to the center of longon to the casting center and try out (knock on wood)

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if you ARE british and have a british accent then go ahead but if you are Canadian and can put on a british accent then tough look - british people only and im british so i can audition!!! sorry to everyone whos not but there will be other auditions for other parts in different movies maybe you can be an extra though find out!!!

Robert Pattinson does have a british accent but only uses his American accent for the Twilight series movies. But yes he is British.

A Scotish accent. It just sounds different because everyone else basically has an English accent.

There are loads of famous actors in the Harry Potter movies. The majority of famous British actors are in it.

Answer.I really don't think you could fool the British but you could always try. Get some British flicks like the old Harry Potter movies and try saying the words they say, and record yourself. You could choose a specific part of Britain, every city has its own accent. Choose one and study it.

Everybody in the Harry Potter movies must be British unless their character is foreign There are no Americans in Harry Potter so no, Oprah is not in Harry Potter.

No. J.K. Rowling specified that all actors in the Harry Potter had to be British unless the character was of another nationality.

yes but lavender brown doesn't really sound British in the movies.

No, Natalie Tena did. Serena Ryder is not British and all Harry Potter actors, with a few exceptions, are British.

No. He is American, only British actors can be in Harry Potter unless the character is from another country.

Yes and no.Only British and Irish people could audition for the Harry Potter movies and as the United Kingdom and Ireland are in Europe they are European but so are Spanish people but they couldn't audition for the Harry Potter movies.Auditions and filming are completed.

No. All of the Harry Potter movies were filmed in the UK. A large part of the series was shot in Leavesden Studios in Watford, just outside London.

No, but you have to be British, and they've already cast the entire seventh movie.

Your religion doesn't matter. You have to be British or Irish to audition.

It's actually Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, but it comes out in America July 15, 2011.

Because it's different from theirs and beyond TV and movies they don't hear it often.

I recommend spending time with people of that particular nation or watching movies that have people with exaggerated languages ie Harry Potter, Snatch.

There is no character, actor or crew member called Annabeth Potter involved with the Harry Potter movies.

Violet does not appear in the Harry Potter movies

The HARRY POTTER movies are produced by Warner Bros.

British is not a language. So therefore, there's not a website. The only difference between "british" and English is the accent. Just watch some old british movies or Narnia (it has british actors) and you'll hear british accents.

Everyone have most favourite movies. My Most favorite Movies are: a. 2012 b. Twilight series c. Harry potter Movies d. captain America e. Mission Impossible And you?

Ashley Tisdale is not in the Harry Potter movies.

Warner Brothers made the Harry Potter movies.

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