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Piano tuning at home requires special piano tuning tools. A piano turning wrench is most important. It is not advised to tune your piano yourself and you can find an expert online or in the yellow pages.

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How do you tell if your piano is out of tune?

There are specified tuners made exclusively for piano incorporating the overtone series to make sure that the piano is perfectly in tune.

What instruments can you tune a guitar to?

u can use a piano/keybord to tune a guitar

How do you tune a Suzuki HP-75 Piano?

The Suzuki HP-75 is a digital piano. It does not have actual strings that can be loosened and tightened like an acoustic piano. It never goes out of tune!

What is the difference between a fish and a piano?

you can tune a piano but you can't tuan fish

What is the slang for piano keys?

The slang for piano keys is "Ivories" as in "Tinkle the ivories", which is to play a tune on a piano.

How often should a piano be tuned?

Once every 6 months to a year is best, especially if you want your piano to be in "perfect tune". However, a piano can be in tune quite well by tuning it just once every two years. It truly depends on the piano in question and how in tune you'd like it to be.

What part of your body makes a singing tune on the piano?

Your fingers (10) make a tune come from the piano. If you hum or sing along to the tune, the sound from your body comes from your vocal cords.

Can Fish Taste?

well you know what they say you can tune a piano but you cant tune a fish

What is a good sentence using the word tune?

You can tune a piano, but you can't tuna fish.

Why would a piano go out of tune every 15 minutes?

If a piano is rarely played, when it's tuned it will still be a bit out of tune. Most likely if you just got your piano and haven't played it much, tuning it won't help for a bit. You will have to play the piano often to keep it in tune after it's been tuned.

Is the piano tuned or untuned?

A piano has to be tuned or the sound (music produced) would be out of tune.

What is a piano hitch pin?

It is the pin found on the other end of the piano string from the bit where you tune it.

How do you tune a violin with a piano?

Play an A on the piano (A above middle-C). Then tune the A string on the violin to match the piano. Then you just tune the violin as normal - ie double-stop the A/D strings and tune until you hear the harmonics, likewise for the D/G and A/E strings. I find it useful to de-tune the violin first (say, flat) so that I know I need to tune each string 'up' until I get the harmonics right.

What are the piano notes to the Britain's Got Talent tune?

there aren't any piano notes to it because its NOT played on the piano or a musical instrument that can be interrupted into piano notes

How can one become a piano?

You can tune a piano, but you can't tuna fish. Hope that helps. On a related note, I have a piano. It's a becoming one.

Who was the first person to tune a piano?

The inventor: Bartolomeo Cristofori.

What part of speech is tune?

The word tune is a noun (tune, tunes) and a verb (tune, tunes, tuning, tuned)."Tune" is a noun as a word for a melody or a song (as in "sing a tune"). It is a verb as a word for adjusting the strings on a musical instrument (as in "tune" a piano.)

In an orchestra who is responsible for tuning?

Usually it's the principal oboe. In case of a piano concerto, the orchestra will tune to the piano.

How does the piano sound like?

play in a tune to form the sound of a melody

What is used to tune instruments?

Usually a pitchfork tuned to A (440 Hz). In an Orchestra the insturments will all tune to the lead violinist or the piano

Do you have to hire someone to tune your piano or can you do it yourself?

Whether you can turn your own piano depends on if you have the proper tools, and your knowledge base. www.affleckpianotuning.com/pianotuning.html offers a guide to those whom wish to tune their own pianos.

What are the notes for the piano in club penguin missoin 7?

The chit is kept under the piano at the pizza parlour. Put them on the piano at the Stage and play the exact same tune.

Getting a Better Sound on Your Piano with Piano Tuning?

Do you own an old piano and it just sounds horrible? Do you own a baby grand piano, and every time a person plays the piano, it seems to screech out notes? Maybe you have simply wondered what is wrong with the piano. Some people even think they need to buy a new piano when the sound starts to worsen. The truth is the piano probably just needs a tune up. Pianos are instruments that require a lot of care. Only after a few months can the notes on a piano sound different than they originally sounded. This is because the piano is actually a stringed instrument. Many people do not realize a piano is a stringed instrument, and that the strings loosen due to the ordinary wear and tear of a piano. Because a piano is a stringed instrument, it requires regular maintenance from a person who is a professional at piano tuning. A person who tunes pianos can make any piano sound normal again. Piano tune ups are not expensive, and they are surely a lot cheaper than going out and paying thousands of dollars for a new piano! For the person who wants a piano to sound better at the lowest cost possible, getting a piano tune up is highly recommended. A piano tune up can actually save a piano too. If a piano is near its breaking point, such as it keeps losing keys or parts of it are chipped, a piano tune person can usually fix such parts of the piano. A piano tuner is usually well versed in the instrument of the piano and can fix any part of it that needs a bit of tender care. A piano tuner can also look at any problems one may notice on his or her piano and recommend a solution. If one needs a piano tune up and some problems fixed on a piano, then he or she should call up a piano tuner as soon as possible. Many music stores offer this great service at a very low price. Some piano tuners will even do the job for free, depending on where one bought the piano.

What piano instruments are required to tune a piano?

Piano tuners only use two different tools to fully tune a piano. One of the tools is called the tuning and hammer and is used to test each individual string. The other tool used is the mute, which makes sure other strings aren't played during tuning.

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