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How can you unflood a 1983 Chevy Caprice engine?


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remove the air cleaner to gain access to the top of the carbuerator and then use 2 skinny screwdriver handles and hold the primary and secondary choke butterflys open. press the gas pedal to the floor and crank the engine. this should allow more than enough air to mix with the overabundance of fuel and the engine to start. a small shot of starting fluid just prior to cranking helps. this is a common problem with theese cars. best way to avoid it is to start car as follows. 1- before touching gas pedal turn ignition to on position. 2- press the gas pedal 1 time to the floor and let go. 3- with no foot on gas pedal crank the engine car should start right up.

a helpful hint theese cars have that big 4 barrel carb which dumps a lot of gas into a small 305 engine. to ensure good starts in winter put fresh spark plugs in as soon as temps dip below freezing

The above answer is good advice however I disagree with parts such as pressing the pedal all the way down once and letting it up. That is the method used to "set the choke" which you don't want on a flooded engine.. Try this before messing with the carburetor.

Assuming by flooded, you mean with gasoline not water, what you need to do is slowly press the accelerator all the way to the floor and hold it firmly against the floor then crank the engine. The engine will turn rather slowly at first since it is impossible to compress fluid but as the gasoline is pushed out, the engine will eventually fire. I hope I do not have to remind you to let off the accelerator after the engine starts. Yow will see a cloud of black smoke come out which is normal.

Do not crank for more than 10 or 15 seconds or you can damage your starter. Do not pump the gas pedal as that squirts more fuel into the carb through the accelarator pump and will amplify the problem. One I the best suggestions I can give is to just wait 15 minutes, then try.

This procedure is for cars with a carburetor only, do not use this on fuel injected cars. On those never touch the gas pedal before or during startup.


On many fuel injected cars there is something called "clear flood mode". This is done when you do hold the accelerator to the floor. Fuel injectors will not pulse causing the gas to expelled out of the exhaust. The PCM sees the throttle position sensor at 5 volts (erroneous) and recognizese you are in clear flood mode.


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About 3700 pounds. Did a simple google search. "1983 caprice weight" This is approximate.

Where the upper radiator hose connects to the engine the thermostat is located under the neck protruding from the block.

The big fan in the front of the Radiator is bolted to the water pump.

Drain the water from your 1983 Chevy Caprice Classic cooling system. Remove the heater core water supply hoses. Remove the heater core retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new heater core.

It will fit but you will have to get a shorter driveshaft. The truck transmissions are longer then a passenger car transmission.

In an '83, the chances are that you pull the knobs and unscrew the nuts they cover.

180-195 depending on what thermostst it has. If its no hotter then 210 degrees its okay. jr

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Generally between the engine and firewall, on the passenger side. For a 1980's Chevy, look for a round, closed metal loop low and near the distributor (again, on the back of the motor). The oil dipstick generally had a tee handle or an open metal loop on the driver's side of the engine.

Assuming it's a V8-equipped Caprice you're referring to, it shared the same transmissions with the Camaro, Malibu, full-size Blazer and Silverado pickups

Standing in the front of the engine, It will be on the back bottom left side of the engine. You will have to lay under the engine to see it.

No, the 1983 model does not have a crankshaft position sensor. Only distributorless engine needs a crankshaft position sensor.

Advertised Horsepower is : 155 HP @ 4000 RPMs.

remove front windshield from a 1983 Chevrolet caprice

Depends on what parts you're referring to, but most parts would be interchangeable

There is a metal wire that pulls the shifting needle. you just need to get to it and tighten it by adding a few knots until it tigtens up and is accurate

They generally bolt the ground cable directly to the engine block.

yes. the last year of any Pontiac v8 was the 301 in 81. the standard engine in the 82 and up firebirds was the corporate engine-the Chevy 305

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