How can you uninstall Windows XP-Professional after successfully installing Windows XP-Home Edition in a different drive?

Go to your command prompt of the drive with Professional & put in the 3 1/2 Floppy "Start-Up" disk. Type "FDisk" in the command prompt and it will give you a series of options, one of them being "Uninstall Windows XP." From there, follow the steps to uninstall.

Solution: 1: Restart the computer presess del or F2 function key open bios. select first

boot device CD ROM of DVD ROM and then press F10 function key and then

press Y key.

2: Insert 98 bootable disk and boot from CD ROM.

3: go to in 98 directorey and then format OS drive and another drive. then restart the computer . and insert windows home edition CD and boot. and install home edition.