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How can you unlock the door on a Ford F-150 without automatic locks?


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2015-07-15 21:47:18
2015-07-15 21:47:18

Depending on the year of the Truck The Power Steering dipstick works perfectly to go through to bottom rubber of the windwing it is shaped to depress the button and turn the latch at the same time. If you can not get to that Opening tools are made to easily open the wind wing and either unlock the door or roll the widndow down and then open the door.

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Your 1998 F150 has 3 relays for your power door locks : an all unlock relay / a driver unlock relay / and an ALL LOCK RELAY I'm guessing that the ALL LOCK RELAY has failed I'm sorry but I haven't found the location of the power lock/unlock relays on your F150 yet ( does anyone know the location of the power door lock / unlock relays on a 1998 F150 ? )

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the transmission that is in a 1996 f150 is a 4r70w if automatic

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I believe that is an E4OD automatic transmission

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Inside the automatic transmission pan

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