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So basically , you have an right angle and another angle . You draw an right angle over the angle your looking at and if its smaller than the right angle then its an acute angle .

If its bigger than the right angle then its a obtuse angle . GoodLuck!(;

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If the angle is larger than a right angle it is obtuse

A right angle is 90 degrees if an angle is wider than 90 it is obtuse if it is less than 90 it is an acute angle.

You use the right angle next to an acute angle perhaps and you see that when a angle is closer together it is an acute angle and if it is spread apart or farther apart from a right angle it is an obtuse angle. If the angle is a straight line and doesn't look bent like a right angle it is a straight angle.

Right angle E. The vertex of any angle can also be used to name the angle.

Angle DEF is the same as angle FED.

It is called an obtuce angle because it looks like this right?: -------------------------_------------------------ or a right angle if it looks like this: ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ---------------------------------

Are you thinking of the adjacent and the hypotenuse in a right angle triangle. **it's angle, not angel.

From its right angle. right angle --> rect angle.

a right angle or a 90 degree angle, the sides are perpendicular to each other

A right angle... I know that and I abhor math!

that would be a right angle.

A 90o angle is a right angle, and a triangle with a right angle is called a right triangle.

The second angle? angle B?

A parallelogram with one right angle has four of them. The name for this figure is a rectangle.

I suppose you are looking for the name. The common name for a 90o angle is 'right angle'.

I think it is just called the right angle symbol

It is called the right angle! Smart one!

right angle ,abuse angle

The longest side of a right angle triangle is the hypotenuse and it is opposite the 90 degree angle.

An angle of 90 degrees is a right angle.

A 90o angle is also called a Right Angle, so a triangle that has one 90o angle is a Right angle triangle.

a right triangle and triangles cant have more than one right angle

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