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Q: How can you use nanotechnology in construction of buildings?
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What is the latest technology use in construction?


What has the author Geoffrey B Smith written?

Geoffrey B. Smith has written: 'Green nanotechnology' -- subject(s): Buildings, Energy conservation, Sustainable buildings, Design and construction, Electronic apparatus and appliances, Nanotechnology, Sustainable construction, Electric equipment 'Nanostructured thin films' -- subject(s): Nanostructured materials, Congresses, Thin films, Nanoparticles, Plasmons (Physics)

How land is used?

For agriculture an grazing of animls It is also used for construction of houses buildings etc It is used for industrial use

Is nanotechnology in use in India?

nanotechnology is high demand in India or in usa.

The person Who designs and supervises the construction of buildings?

A construction Superintendent

Does real estate development include the construction of apartment buildings?

Real estate development includes the construction of apartment buildings

Does real estate development include the construction of office buildings?

Real estate development includes the construction of office buildings

What is nanotechnolgy?

it is the construction of molecular cells. Robo Cop was based on a true story and the first prototype of nanotechnology.

Did the Romans use marble to construct their buildings?

no. Marble is too soft to withstand the strain of construction. However the Romans faced their brick buildings with marbles of various types.

What companies use advance constuction technology to build advanced buildings?

The companies that use advance construction technology to build advanced buildings are companies that are interested in energy conservation and advanced building techniques.

Who designs and supervise construction of the buildings?


Is it okay to use nanotechnology?

Yes okay