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Without actual odometer readings, it would be darn near impossible to tell. Some people are very meticulous in the upkeep on their vehicles, so they could have a car with 200,000 miles on it, looking like brand new, whereas another person who really doesn't care how the vehicle looks like, or doesn't believe in maintenance, will have a bomb at 10,000 miles.

There are several small ways u can do this, one of them is to find another vehicle that has similar miles and compare the brake pedal wear, of course this wouldn't hold true if the brake pedal was changed also.


The truth is you can only through wear and so forth. Most times, its obvious.

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Q: How can you verify if an older car has 30 or 130K miles?
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I need to verify the last time a car I bought was registered.

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The more miles driven and the older the car, the less in value the car will be. If you are at the point where you are having to make major repairs on the car then it is time to sell.

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It means that the milage is exempt. A car must be 10 years old or older for miles to be exempt.

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Anytime your engine is not running correctly, or missing. Otherwise on a 1995 or older car change them at 50,000 miles. On a 1996 or newer car change at 100,000 miles.

Is there a limit to the mileage I should consider when shopping for a used car?

Yes, but it depends on the year of the car. The older the car the more miles you are going to find on it. I would recommend not purchasing a vehicle that has over 100,000 miles on it reguardless of the year.

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Abandon car was in customers parking lot for months, he gave it to me, i am want to verify it it been, stolen ?

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Older car with low mileage or newer car with high mileage?

A lot will depend on the condition and driving habits involved. A well kept older car will last a long time, while a high mileage car with mostly highway miles can also be expected to last. If either has been poorly maintained then the life expectancy drops considerably.

Is full synthetic oil safer to use for 87000 mile older cars?

Ful synthetic oil is the best oil to use, it wont hurt your car with 20 miles or 200,000 miles.

A car travels 5 miles north and 12 miles west. How far is the car from its starting point?

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How many miles can you get out of a Chevy tracker motor?

I was driving around an 03 tracker for a few years that had about 175,000 when I first started driving it. I drove it till the timing chain gave @ appros 220,000. I now own an 04 with approx 93k. So with that I should if taken car of properly get approx another 130k + out of it.

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The miles are the same be it car, bike, truck or scooter.

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a car does not measure miles or kilometres you do

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When a car is issued a warranty, the average number of miles put on a car is 12,000 miles. When the number of miles is increased, this can affect the warranty.

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If they gave you their Insurance information, all you have to do is call the insurance company, give them the policy number and if you have a legitimate need they can verify if the coverage is active.

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Many times a high mileage newer used car is much better to buy. The miles are most likely highways miles which are way easier on a car than city driven miles, which is mostly stop and go traffic, and the book price is reduced according to mileage making them an even better deal.

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i have a 2002 eclipse gt with 65k and runs great n a 2001 eclipse gs with 130k on it. the car was built right buy it... 6g72 rules!

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