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Which army did your grandfather serve in? Unless he served in the Soviet (or possibly in the German) army, there's a problem. Berlin fell to the Soviet Army in April 1945, but American and British soldiers didn't enter Berlin till July 1945. The notion that a German flag would have been left flying for that length of time, especially in central Berlin, is not credible. It would be helpful to know which army the questioner's granfather served in.

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Q: How can you verify your grandfather's claim that a German flag is the one he took off a flag pole at Hitler's command post when he entered Berlin and how would you place a value on it?
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Location of Hitlers death?


Where is his body?

Hitlers body was cremeted in a pit outside of what is now apartments in berlin, ontop of the Berlin bunker.

When did Soviet army entered Berlin?

The Red Army first entered the suburbs of Berlin on April 23, 1945.

Where was Hitlers bunker where he committed suicide?

Beneath the Reichstag, in Berlin, Germany.

What is the setting of the book hitlers daughter?

It would be Berlin, Germany in approximately April 1945.

What happened to hitlers as the soviet and the allied forces moved in on Berlin?

He shot himself and his body was burned.

What allied country entered Berlin first?


Where is adolf hitlers body?

He was cremated and apparently his remains were buried in Berlin. The actual spot is now a car park.

Hitler's most famous speech?

Hitlers most known speech was Berlin, Reichstag, speech of May 4, 1941.

What TV show would you be able to watch 65 light years away?

Hitlers Berlin Olympics

What happened to Berlin in d day?

Nothing significant happened in Berlin on D-Day except panic among the High Command of the German forces. - Berlin is over 500 miles from Normandy.

Who shot Adolf hitlers dog?

Blondi was given a cyanide capsule and her pups were shot by a guard from the SS outside the bunker in Berlin .

Who was the Italian leader who entered into te Rome Berlin axis with Germany?

Bonito Mussolini

Did Adolf Hitler commit suicide or was he murdered?

Suicide in his Command Bunker in Berlin. He did this to avoid capture by the Soviet Army that was in the process of seizing Berlin.

How did Hitler's girlfriend die?

Hitlers gilfriend died, because during world war2 in 1945, the U.S. and all the allies sorrounded hitlers bunker in Berlin. Which Adolf Hitler and Eva were both in. they both hid in a deep ditch in the ground.they knew they were going to die so Hitler poisoned himself, aswell as his girlfriend too. and later Berlin surrendered, and ww2 was over.

Where did Hitler remain in the final stage of war?

In a military command bunker in Berlin, Germany

Where was the final defeat of Germany World War II?

The Battle of Berlin, when the Russians (Soviets) entered the city.

How did hitlers power come to an end?

He died (committed suicide) in his bunker in Berlin in 1945 when it became (extremely) obvious Germany had lost World War 2 in Europe.

When did communism first began to spread?

As soon as the Red Army entered Berlin and declared war on Japan in 1945.

Did Russia make it to belin in World War 2?

Yes, soviet troops entered Berlin in May 1945

Who was the creator of the Berlin Wall?

The East German Border Command Central, the troops charged with keeping East Germans out of West Berlin, built the Berlin Wall. In 1961, the commander of BCC was Erich Honecker, who later was the East German dictator.

What happened to Hitlers wife after Hitler died?

Hitler married his long time companion two days before he commited sucide. She commited sucide with him in a bunker under Berlin.

What was hitlers main aim?

to create a state that would last for a thousand years: 'The Third Reich'. He wanted to create a state and a capital (Berlin renamed as Germania) to rival ancient Rome.

Who was in charge of tearing down the Berlin wall?

The East German Border Command. They hired excavation companies to do the work.

What was it that finally prompted Hitler to make the last decisions of his life?

The Russians entered Berlin and allied troops were within days of the city.