How can you visually collapse functions in Dreamweaver?

When you select code, a set of collapse buttons is displayed next to the selection (Minus symbols in Windows; vertical triangles on the Macintosh). Click the buttons to collapse and expand the selection. When the code is collapsed, the collapse buttons change to an expand button (a Plus button in Windows; a horizontal triangle on the Macintosh). Sometimes, the exact fragment of code that you selected is not collapsed. Dreamweaver uses "smart collapse" to collapse the most common and visually pleasing selection. For example, if you selected an indented tag and then selected the indented spaces before the tag as well, Dreamweaver would not collapse the indented spaces, because most users would expect their indentations to be preserved. To disable smart collapse and force Dreamweaver to collapse exactly what you selected, hold down the Control key before collapsing your code. Also, a warning icon on collapsed code fragments is displayed if a fragment contains errors or code that is unsupported by certain browsers. You can also collapse the code by Alt‑clicking (Windows) or Option-clicking (Macintosh) one of the collapse buttons, or by clicking the Collapse Selection button in the Coding toolbar. # Select some code. # Select Edit > Code Collapse, and select any of options.