How can you voluntarily have your Chapter 13 dismissed without paying for an attorney?

No, it is my personal opinion, as an attorney and also being a person who makes a real effort to deliver services when contracted, it's sort of immoral to get a person to work for you and have some sort of idea that you dont have to pay for their services, at the same time. Specifically, you owe at the very minimum, in quantum merit, for the lawyer's service. Side point: if you dont have an attorney, that's not a problem. You dont have to pay one. Side point: if that lawyer went through all the work to get the Chapter 13 proceeding filed, and all the benefits you had to get from the actions of the attorney, doesn't it sort of make sense that you sort of owe him? Lastly, the lawyer's bill is what is called 'unsecured' Which means you can shaft him at will. You need to understand, in my opinion, not paying the lawyer who has done stuff for you, is like not paying the auto mechanic who fixed your car: shafting and not a universal joint.