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How can you wake up early?

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they wake up very early in the morning just like we wake up early.

The phrase "wake up" is a verb (e.g., "They will wake up the parrots early", or "They will wake them up early"). It's called a "particle verb" ("up" is the particle) or sometimes a "phrasal verb" (since it is not a single word).

give her/him a alarm to that time that they have to wake up or tell them to sleep early so they will wake up easier in the morning!

To wake up is someone's personal affair. But it can be presumed that they wake up very early in order to begin their exercise regime.

It is good to wake up early because you can get more things done during the day than sleeping lazily.

When you wake up, if you wake up at 4am and need a wee do your test then.

I don't like to wake up very early in the morning.

wake up early to get ready!

Because of their occupation.

No It Not Bad To Wake Up Early In The Summer No Reason Because I Do It Sometime. When I Do It Be Mad So I Just Found Something To Do

Go to bed early then eat a delicious breakfast.

Yes and no it depend on what time you wake up in the morning if you wake up early then it is bad if you wake up late then it does not matter s it really depends how you get up in the morning.

they want to play with someone

cause you dont wake up early

alarm clock is important to wake people up. when they sleeping they need to wake up early or late they use it.

wake up early in the morning

they sleep at 8 o'clock and wake up early

Answer Some people wake up early because they've been on that kind of schedule for as long as they can remember. Other people go to bed early at night so they can wake up and see all of a new day. Depending on where you live I mean in what time Zone you are in,if you only get up at noon, you've already missed most of your day.

I was told that if I went to bed early, I would wake up early.

As with anyone else, early enough to get to work on time.

They wake up early,lets say 6:30,i dnt knw if they always wake at that time,but the time i paid a visit it was half past six.

yep 2:30 in the morning.

You could try using an alarm clock.

because that's when they wake up

To knock on your door as early as possible to wake you up

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