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I'm not a doctor, .It's really important to never "wean yourself" off any medication. Matter of fact, never make any change to a directive given about a prescription w/o your doctor. Lexapro and other anti-deps. are serious drugs. There isn't enough information out there to help you and your unique situation. We all try to help each other on these chats, but all any of us can do is give from personal experience. My doctor is taking 2 months to wean me off Lexapro. I'm so tempted to just stop, but know I better follow his directions.

Note on the above: Well, then how do you expect people to come off it? It's WAY better to wean off it then just stop it. Those are the exact words my doctor gave me, so putting them in quotes and telling someone never to do it, is stupid. ESPECIALLY if it's doctor directed it's absolutely FINE to wean off of it, in fact, it's the only way you want to come off of any antidepressants. And doctors don't always give clear directions. Despite asking for clarification my doctors directions for weaning off were quite vague, so I imagine it isn't all that specific or dangerous a process, or he'd be asking for a malpractice suit.

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Q: How can you wean yourself off Lexapro if you were on 10mg for one month and stopped abruptly but had severe withdrawal symptoms so you started on 5mg but it makes you feel bad?
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Counteracting Lexapro withdrawal symptoms?

To counteract Lexapro withdrawal symptoms, Prozac is highly advisable. This will lessen the feeling of exhaustion and ringing in the ears.

Have recently stopped taking 20mg Lexapro after almost two years Has anyone experienced itching symptoms from Lexapro Withdrawal?

I am on my fourth day of quitting Lexapro cold turkey. Yes, I am itching! I am hoping that this goes away, along with a nagging dizziness if I turn my head too fast or stand up abruptly

Can Lexapro withdrawal cause irritability?

Yes. I am experiencing it right now as I'm weaning off of my lexapro. More symptoms here:

If you have been taking Lexapro 5mg for only 2 days and want to stop will you have withdrawal symptoms?


How long do withdrawal symptoms last from stopping lexapro cold turkey?

It is not recommended to stop Lexapro cold turkey. Everyone's withdrawal period is different, and the amount of time it takes to be fully off the drug depends on many factors. Check out this link for information on the topic:

Can you switch safely to Cymbalta to Lexapro?

I tried going off cymbalta but the withdrawal symptoms were so horrible! I asked the doctor to put me on something else that would help, and she switched me to lexapro, which put an end to my withdrawal symptoms to cymbalta almost immediately. I am now trying to come off lexapro and it is significantly easier.

Will restarting Lexapro after 7-10 days without it stop the withdrawal symptoms and if so when?

I attempted to stop taking Lexapro a few months ago, after 6 days of the withdrawal symptoms I went right back on it. The symptoms stopped by the 2nd day and I felt like myself again. Lexapro works wonders with depression but wreaks havoc with it's discontinuation syndrom!

How soon after stopping lexapro do withdrawal symptoms kick in?

Simply put - anywhere from 8hours to 14 days.

Will you have withdrawal symptoms from lexapro 5 mg to 2.5 mg and any after the 2.5 Only on Lexapro for 3 months?

Everyone reacts differently from withdrawal or addition of medications, therefore I am unable to answer your question black and white. However, if you were on Lexapro 5mg by the mouth once per day for three months and now, as per your Doctors instructions are reducing it to 2.5mg and then discontinuing the medication you will most likely have no withdrawal symptoms or side effects.

Is it safe to take zanax to help with withdrawal from Lexapro?

Xanax can be prescribed by your doctor alongside lexapro and taking them at the same time is okay. I am on Lexapro and take Xanex for occasional bouts of anxiety or panic attacks. However, weening yourself off Lexapro with Xanex is probably not the best idea. If you are having withdrawal from Lexapro you should probably go back on it.

What are the withdrawal effects from Lexapro?


How long does lexapro withdrawal side effects last?

Everyone's withdrawal period is different, and the amount of time it takes to be fully off the drug depends on many factors. Check out this link for information on the topic:

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